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ATI Radeon HD 6870 graphic card from GIGABYTE

Radeon HD 6870 Graphics card

GIGABYTES introduce new a graphic card product from ATI Radeon HD 6000 Series.  The name is GV-R687SO-1GD. This product includes GIGABYTE super over clock series that powered by AMD Radeon HD 6870 GPU. It is support PCI Express 2.1, Microsoft DirectX 11, OpenGL 4.1, CrossFireX™, Avivo™HD technology,  . It is also integrated with the first 1GB GDDR5 memory and 256-bit memory interface. And has features such as Dual-link DVI-I, DVI-D, D-sub (By adapter), HDMI, mini Display port, and GIGABYTE WINDFORCE 3X Cooling Design.  About the power supply just uses minimum power about 500w or greater system power supply with two 6-pin external power connectors.

The GV-R687SO-1GD use interface Catalyst™ Control Center you can go far beyond traditional driver configuration software which has a feature-rich and stable 3D acceleration control application that puts you in complete command of your ATI visual processing unit (VPU). Moreover it also support shader model 5.0 which can result the smooth picture when you watch movie or when you play game. It can support the latest games such as GTA IV, Crysis Warhead 2, and many others. With the GV-R687SO-1GD graphic card you can install windows 7 or windows vista on your pc will has the amazing result graphic view and amazing performance.

Pioneer launched Speakers Systems for DJs

Pioneer S DJ08 and S DJ05 Active Speakers

Today pioneer launched two kinds’ new products speaker systems for Djs. Those are S-DJ08 and S-DJ05 active reference monitoring speakers. It was designed for Djing and Music. Two kinds speakers system has bi-aim speaker 2-way powered speakers both have a 2.5cm soft dome tweeter and has low resonance chimney-style heat sink. Beside that a bi-amp circuit that drives the tweeter and woofer separately. The S-DJ08 has features with an 8-inch woofer. And for S-DJ05 has 5-inch woofer. Moreover pioneer S-DJ08 including strong 10 cm high-force magnets for better control of the subwoofers. Both of the speakers systems offer XLR, TRS. Those are complete with two sets of RCA inputs for users to connect several devices at the same time.

Other features include are Blue LED display on front speakers to indicate input sources, power on or off and also EQ. In another hand this speakers system also has Screw holes in the speaker base are fitted for installation purposes, and also has auto-standby function which can work with the units to standby mode when no input or usage is detected for over 60 minutes. These products will be launched in January 2011. The Pioneer S-DJ08 has prices $1,199 and the pioneer S-DJ08 has prices $899.

No noisy using Dark Rock Pro CPU Cooler

Dark Rock Pro CPU cooler

Dark rock Pro CPU cooler is the great CPU cooler. It is design for the any kinds of CPU. Moreover the Rock Dark Pro CPU of silence! is a very powerful CPU Cooler for Socket 754, 775, 939, 940, AM2, AM2 +, AM3, 1155, 1156 and 1366 he could handle the heat the CPU up to 220 watts and even relatively quiet through the wings of two silent fan. Here, the fans, operating at 900 revolutions per minute and depending on the required cooling capacity, even with only 12 dB (A) at 19.8 dB (A) at 1250 revolutions per minute.

Dark rock Pro CPU cooler was created by a company from German and using no noisy technology. It has result high performance cooler which include two aluminum fin towers. Beside that it has seven direct-touch copper heat pipes and also two 120mm Silent wings PWM fans which result operate at up to 1700 RPM. It suitable for your pc even though your pc use for a long time your pc will keep cool. So don’t be afraid you pc will never overheating. The Dark Rock Pro has price about $108 or around 78.90 Euro. It is very cheap if the compare with the result performance from this product.

Gigabyte launched nVidia GT 440 GV-N440TC-1GI Graphics Card

GT 440 GV-N440TC-1GI Graphics Card

Gigabyte is the famous company which produced a lot of many kinds’ computer components. Yesterday they have been lunching a new video card that uses an nVidia GT 440 GPU. It has created by GIGABYTE HD Experience series such as supports PCI Express 2.0, Microsoft direct X 11, Open GL 4.0, integrated 512 MB GDDR5 on board memory turbo cache up to 1GB, 128- bit memory preface, NVIDIA PureVideo® HD technology , and also Dual link  DVI-I/ D-SUB/HDMI including HDCP protection. For the power supply has minimum 400 or greater. In other hand this graphic card uses 40nm Technology which has faster clock because use double transistor density of earlier 40nm technology.

Other features are support windows vista, windows 7, RoHS compliant, HDCP Support, HDMI Ready, Nvida GeForce CUDA Technology, and Physx Technology. Moreover this graphic card supports pixel shader 5.0, so that you can play the newest game fluently with this graphic card. When you use windows 7 as your operating system that will dramatic improvement in the way the OS takes advantage of the graphics processing unit (GPU) to provide a more compelling user experience

And your pc will more reliable, faster, and powerful because NVidia GT 440 GV-N440TC-1GI has 830 MHZ core clock, 1660 MHz shader clock, and 3200 MHz.

USB 3.0 Card Reader called PhotoFast CR-8600

PhotoFast CR 8600 USB 3.0 Card

Development of current multimedia card cannot be in doubt again. Almost all the people moved previously using a compact disc now use memory cards for data storage. But that memory cards can be used fully we need a device called a card reader. A reputable company now has released its newest product that is PhotoFast CR-8600 USB 3.0 card reader. It provides connectivity is super fast data transmission in comparison with a card reader is still using USB 2.0 as the interface port. Form of this product like box and unique color.

If you want to find the new card reader PhotoFast CR-8600 is the best choose for you. This card reader using interface USB 3.0 which has maximum read speed until 84.01 MB/s at the SDXC UHS-I card and 96.75 MB/s at the UDMA7 compact flash card. Beside that this card reader compatible with the many kinds of memory card such as SD, Compact Flash, SDHC, Micro SD or T-Flash, Mini SD, RS-MMC, MMC, MMC- micro, MS ,MS Duo, MMC Mobile, HS MS, MS PRO Duo, MS pro, MS PRO Micro, Memory Stick XC, SDXC UHS-I, and MS Pro-HG.  Moreover PhotoFast CR-8600 support with the many kinds of system operation such as windows, MAC OS, Linux, and many others.

NVIDIA launched GeForce GTX 560 Ti

Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti

Nvidia is a very famous company which produces graphics card. After they accompany with AMD’s 5800 series and they got failure start with the GeForce GTX480 launch. Finally they have been launching GeForce GTX580. It is amazing graphic card. Moreover today Nvidia launch their new products called GeForce GTX560 Ti.  Nvidia GeForce GTX560 Ti launch with the mid-range market to equal AMD’s 6800 series. This graphic card has Nvidia GPU Titanium, and development from GeForce GTX460. It has function as the alternative graphic card, little faster, and the price a little expensive. GTX 560 Ti actually looks like Nvidia 500 series graphic card before. GeForce GTX560 Ti Graphic card includes DVI-port, mini-HDMI port, and also build with the Fermi architecture which use transistor-level tweaks to increase performance, and also to improve power consumption.

The GTX 560 Ti design similar with the graphic cards from AMD 6800 series. Such as Radeon HD 6850 which has prices $ 180 and Radeon HD 6870 which has prices $219. This graphic suitable for computer gaming. It has been tested and GTX 560 has better performance than another graphic card in mid-range.

And the result performance for Synthetic Benchmarks it has keeps lead 25 % compare with AMD Radoen HD 6870 and Radeon HD 6850.

MSI introduce new gaming Laptop MSI GT680R


This laptop has been waiting for lovers of gamers. With this laptop you can play favorite game everywhere, every time as you want. This laptop has been launch by MSI at America market. Has name MSI GT680R and focus on gaming laptop series. Also has the big screen size 15.6 incher which support by second generation Intel Core i7 processor. Moreover has boat of impressive specification. For the specification MSI GT680R is using Intel Core i7-2630QM 2.0 GHz quad-core processor and  including memory 8GB DDR3.  This laptop gamer also provides 1TB hard drive, and DVD burner. For screen is 15.6” widescreen display and has 1920×1080 screen resolution. For graphic card it is use NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M graphics (1.5GB GDDR5 VRAM).

Addition features for this laptop include 2x USB 2.0 ports and 2x USB 3.0 ports. You can connected many kinds of device directly which has interface USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. It has HDMI, VGA port, eSATA port, media card reader, and has 9-cell battery.  I think it is excellent laptop for people because it has the amazing specification and rich of features. Not only that it is suitable who as the programmer you can open many kinds of applications at the same time.

Pro IV USB 3.0 Express Card SSD Unveiled from Run Core

runcore pro iv ssd drive

Data storage media is a very important component for users of computers. Other than that they are expecting a fast connection for data transmission. Therefore Run Core introduced new unique product called Pro IV USB 3.0 Express Card SSD Unveiled. This product has made from combination between solid state drive and USB 3.0 port as the connector. It can connect each other’s between USB port and Express Card/34 slot. When we use as SSD it will provide 64 GB storage. Read speed until 100MB/s and for write speed until 80 MB/s, beside that this drive also provide two USB 3.0 ports when you have to connect Express Card slot.

More interesting this product can be used as standalone SSD as well at external method. Simply you just connect with cable thorough USB port to both machine and the transferring data will be begin. For example when you have data in big size you can copy directly using SSD and wait for a few minutes and then you will get data. This drive is suitable for you which like mobile data, because it has big capacities. The shape is very simple and it is will comfort to bring any ware, any time, and every time as you want.

1GB Radeon HD 6950 Fan Graphics Card from HIS

After a long period remove the product finally HIS back and launching their newest product. The product is graphic card has name “Radeon HD 6950 Fan” especially for the European market. The specification for this graphic card are have modeled HIS 6590 Fan 1GB GDDR% PCI-E HDMI/2xDVIx2xDP, chipset Radeon HD 6950 PCIe series, ASIC RadeonTM HD 6950 GPU, 40nm Manu process(Micron), size 1024 Mb, memory type GDDR5, engine Clock 800 MHz, memory clock 5Gbps, memory interface 256 bit, power supply requirement around 500 watt or greater power, max. Resolution around 2560X1600 for single display, bus interfaces PCI Express x16, support mini display port, HDMI, DVI, but there is no support for VGA.

The features of this graphic cards are compatible with windows 7, Radeon grapich card, amd vision, AMD HD3D, directx 11, PCI-E 2.1, OpenGL  3.2, 1080p full HD, open CL, HDMI, HDTV, Dual Monitor, Shader Model 5, Unified Video Decoder 3, 7.1 audio, gaming, mini-display, Native HDMI, dual DVI, and Retail Pack. The advantages from Radeon HD 6950 Fan Is delivers faster, cooler and quieter plus. Beside that they give you technical support and professional customers’ service. When you buy this graphic card you will get CrossFireXTM Bridge, DVI-VGA adapter, installation guide, CD Installation with multilingual, 2x Power Cable 2x 4pin in and 6 pin out , and HIS power UP Label.

Beautiful Packard Bell Maestro 230 LED Monitor

Packard Bell announces the new products LED monitor. It will be coming in April 2011. This product called Packard Bell Maestro 230 LED Monitor. The new Packard bell maestro 230 LED monitor has the great viewing with the asymmetrical stand. Beside that has bundle with the high end specifications. It has 23-inch wide-screen display. The features 5ms response time and has dynamic contrast ratio 12,000,000:1 (1,250cd/m2 brightness). Not only that, it is bring DVI, D-sub, and in addition includes impressive features.

Here we will give you specification about Packard Bell maestro 230 LED monitor which give you something new experienced about LED monitor. The specs of Packard Bell maestro 230 LED monitor is has 23 inch LED widescreen display panel. The screen resolution of native is 1920 x 1080 pixels. This monitor has sexy look and luxurious. It is also just low consume energy and safe you money. More over if you often watch movie and playing game it is suitable for you because just has low radiation so it is not dangerous for your eyes health. Someday that is announces for public we will give information how to get it.  And about the prices of Packard Bell Maestro 230 LED Monitor is €199.