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Safe your CPU with Arctic Freezer 13 Pro CPU Cooler

CPU is a very important component in a personal computer. Sometimes we often feel anxious when we use the computer for too long. Why? Because if it is too hot then a CPU will tend to excessive heat causing damage to the CPU and can even be burned. Therefore, it is a CPU should be given a cooling so as not to become overheating. Arctic cooling is the biggest company that produce cooler for CPU. They offer you to try the latest CPU cooler. The name of the product is the freezer 13 pro and the prices around $54.90. I thought it was not expensive when compared to its benefits.

The Arctic Freezer 13 Pro use technology cross-blow which can take heat away from the CPU and also from the voltage regulators.  This cooler has high performance in cooler CPU. It is including 47 aluminum fins. The shape like U 8mm copper heat pipes and has two fans. Beside that there is an ultra quite 120 mm PWM fan. In addition 50mm PWM fan as the base of the CPU cooler. This cooler also supports many kinds of CPU from Intel and AMD. For example CPU for Intel those are LGA1156, LGA775, and LGA1366. And for AMD CPU those are AM2+, AM3, AM2, 939, and 754.

Dell Inspiron One 2305 (Blu-ray) – Pc desktop all in one from DELL

Today Dell launched the new pc desktop all in one. The product called Dell Inspiron One 2305 and include Blu-ray optical drive. The type of this pc is for mainstream, all in one pc, and Digital entertainment system. It is use processor family from AMD that is AMD Athlon II X4610. Beside that it is use 8GB of DDR3 RAM, and graphic chipset from ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470. This pc provides 1000 GB storage, 2 USB 2.0 ports, primary optical drive use blu-ray, and an SD card Slot for access data from any kinds of memory card. And for operating system use Microsoft windows 7 home premium.

The Dell Inspiron One 2305 use 23-inch widescreen and the resolution is a 1,920 by 1,080. As the result you found full 1.080 HD viewing and the frame like black plastic which has wood texture. It is also has many features in the back this pc has 4 more USB2.0 ports, HDMI ports, VGA port, composite video, TV Tuner, S/P  DIF Port, and Ethernet port. In other side this pc has simple interface such volume control and the brightness control.  The performance this pc is great. Especially when you open many kinds of application we can do it in multitasking.  Not only that using this pc you can play all of many kinds games, such as War craft,  PES 2011, Far cry, and  many others.

Development of 1 gigabyte DDR3 SDRAM prototype from elpida and rexchip

Memory is a crucial component in a personal computer. Why? Because the memory that can determine the fast or slow a computer. The greater the number of the memory it will be faster the process of a computer. So that Rexchip and Elpida develops the new kinds of memory. The number of this memory is 1 gigabyte DDR3 SDRAM prototype.  It has features 4F2 memory cell and with design role is 65nm. The form for this memory is wordlines and bitlines. And then became silicon which use as a vertical transistor until 2f x 2f memory cell size. This memory cell is smaller 30 % than sell memory 6f2. The shape same as Elpida DRAMs node processes at 50nm.

In other hand the characteristic of this memory has excellent data retention and has high performance. Why? Because use the vertical transistor structure cell 4f2 it is will became the next generation of DRAM. It is also just consume little energy to make it works. And I think it is the best solution of memory for your computer. It is more safe energy and more economies. So someday it can use for mobile memory. Such as netbook, PDA phone, I pad, and many others.

Gamer Xtreme FTW and Gamer Ultra FTW gaming desktops for gamer addict

This is in waiting for game lovers, especially for the pc game lovers. CyberPower give the great solution for pc gamer. CyberPower is the best companies that produce pc desktop.  Now this company create new extreme pc desktop for gamer.  There are ultra gamer FTW and gamer extreme FTW. Both of them have differences in hardware. They have similarity both of them use Thermaltake Level 10 GT case, great combine ventilation, upgradability, and stylish chassis. Pc gamer ultra FTW it uses an AMD hexa–core Phenom II X6 1055T processor. For graphic it uses ATI Radeon HD 5570 one gigabyte you will get the amazing performance in gaming. Beside that you get faster when you open application because this pc uses 8GB DDR3. This pc also provides 1TB storage, so you can save your unlimited data.  Moreover this pc include Blu-ray combo drive, you can copy data from Blu-ray disc.

Another pc gamer is extreme FTW has feature intel gaming which use x56 platform and liquid cooled Intel core i7 960 processor. This pc use NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 T9 (2GB). As the result you will get maximum performance in gaming and multitasking program. Beside that use 12 GB DDR3 memory. And also provide 2TB storage and include 2 USB 3.0 ports. Extreme FTW also has Blu-ray combo drive. Moreover both of the pc use windows 7 home premium as the operating system.

Announcing of amd radeon graphics cards for oems hd 6450 hd 6670 and hd-6570

AMD is a company that manufactures computer components such as processor, graphic card, and many others. Especially for graphic card, AMD announced the newest graphic card called Radeon HD series video graphic card.   There are Radeon HD 6450, Radeon HD 6570, and Radeon HD 6670. Radeon HD 6450 is an entry level option and using “Caicos” GPU.   This graphic card provides 64-bit memory bus, 160 stream processor, and core clock 625 MHz until 750 MHz, memory clock 533 until 800 MHz for DDR3 and the ranging between 800 to 900 MHz for GDDR5.

Radeon HD 6570 and Radeon HD 6670 are based on “Turks” GPU. Both of them are built using 40nm processor and have 480 stream processors. Those are provide 128-bit GDRR5 memory and can use for directX 11. Moreover for Radeon HD 6670 offers two kinds core clock speed that are 800 MHz and 1000 MHz and for memory that are 1 GB and  512 MB. The Radeon 6570 provide core clock speed 650 until 900 MHz GDDR3 and 1000 MHZ GDDR5.In VRAM for GDDR3 it is up to 2GB and 1GB for GDDR5. Actually, three kinds of graphic card from the AMD just available to OEMs but someday when those are announced for public we will give you information how to get it.