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Nexus launched Silent Mouse with Patent Silent switch Technology

Nexus Silent Mouse Patent Silent switch Technology

Nexus comes with the new innovation of mouse product it has silent Mouse with patent silent switch technology; it is like a mouse without the clicking-sound. According to the Nexus this mouse has been on our wish list for more than 4 years. But it is not easy to make a mouse without clicking sound. Finally they have found some patented silent switch which integrated it in a nice and practical mouse. This mouse product from Nexus can provide 2.4G wireless optical mouse connects to your PC or laptop with a super small nano receiver and also 1000/1600 DPI selection button. So, you will be amazed how much more relaxing it is without these sound-clicks.

In this case this product can works for TV and music studio engineers and presenters. And about the specification this products such as Advanced 2.4Ghz wireless technology, nano receiver that stores in mouse, 39 channels, 16 Bits, 1000/1600 DPI switch, Auto power save mode, Sensor light: red, 2x AA battery included, and Size:9,8×7,0x3,7cm. In other hand this product also has comfortable shape and material because it uses small nano receives which you plug in a USB port and leave it there and made from quality surface treatments so it feels good in your hand. Beside that it also provide patented silent switch technology, so you will be amazed how much more relaxing it is when you get rid of this useless sound in your working environment.


Lenovo Launched Think Station E30 Workstation & Think Centre M81 Desktop for Business Professionals

Yesterday Lenovo launched two series of desktop Pc for professional and business user. There are the Think Station E30 workstation and Think Centre M81 desktop,they will be available on may 2011. Both of them bring users’ speedy performance with 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors, beside that those can rapid boot up/shut down and extra productivity features. In this case Lenovo provide creative design desktop pc, that can engineering and financial professionals who rely on specialized software applications to power their work. According Lenovo that users get workstation-class performance and reliability starting at an affordable $599. The first product called Think Centre M81 desktop equips large businesses with the advanced computing features employees need to be most productive, so it can fulfill workstation users need the kind of performance that lets them do more each minute. And this pc series already equipped with Intel® Turbo Boost™ technology to over clock on performance-laden tasks.

For the second desktop pc called The Think Station E30 workstation, its builds on our strong workstation platform, combining new rapid processing for data and crunching with more vivid and intense graphics capabilities. Moreover the Think Station E30 workstation offers extremely powerful processing on software and certified solution at desktop prices. Not only that this desktop pc offers two choices of choices of 80 or 160 GB SSD for snappy performance opening, saving/closing files, and rendering.

Get lenovo ecoupon code at Lenovo Madness – A Festival of Saving

This is the good news from Lenovo; they are running a Festival of saving sale. You can save up to $600 or more on home computer and limited quantities available by implement eCoupon. Here I will give you explanation about the two kind’s notebook which offers by Lenovo at a festival of saving are that Idea Pad Y Series and Lenovo U series. The first product called Idea Pad Y series, it available 14” and 15.6” inch screen size. It is has modern design, distinctive and amusement. The Idea Pad Y series powered by up to Up to 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-2630QM processors (2.00GHz), Up to Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64,Up to 8GB DDR3 memory, and  750GB hard drive. Moreover it is provide graphic card up to ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 6570M 1GB graphics. If you buy now you can save up to $600.00 instant using eCoupon code: SEMIFINALS. Start at price about $649 – $999. Coupon ends 04/01 at 11:59pm EST.

And about the second product named Lenovo U series, it is available 12.5” and 14” inch screen size. Its powered by Second Generation of Intel is that Up to Intel® Core™ i3-380UM processors (1.33GHz), Up to Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64 operating system, Up to 4GB memory, 500GB hard drive, Up to 10 hours battery life and starting at 3.0lbs. And Lenovo offers to you save up $300.00 instant using Coupon code: SEMIFINALS. Start at price about $649 – $799. Coupon ends 04/01 at 11:59pm EST.

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Intel Thunderbolt Technology for Fastest Connection

intel thunderblot process diagram

Intel today introduces new technology called Thunderbolt Technology. This technology gives you great responsiveness with high-speed data and display transfers in each direction and at the same time thorough a single cable you can connecting a PC to multiple devices is simple, beside that making it easy to get and see what you want and when you want it. Moreover Thunderbolt technology gives you incredible flexibility with high performance expansion is just a cable away for new and novel uses for now and in the future. In the case Thunderbolt technology offer the 10 Gbps performance, so you can transfer a full-length HD movie in less than 30 seconds and Backup 1 year of continuous MP3 playback in just over 10 minutes.

At this time the thunderbolt technology become the newest technology which provide high speed data transfer thorough dual-protocol I/O technology designed for performance, it is become flexibility and simplicity. And about the features thunderbolt technology there are Dual-channel 10 Gbps per port, Bi-directional, Dual-protocol (PCI Express  and Display Port), Compatible with existing Display Port devices, Daisy-chained devices, Electrical or optical cables, Low latency with highly accurate time synchronization, Uses native protocol software drivers, and power over cable for bus-powered devices.

Asus G73SW High-End Performance without High-End Price

asus G73Jh

Asus comes with the Asus G73SW desktop as the replacement laptop seems and to get its inspiration from the F-117 Nighthawk stealth bomber. And the Asus G73SW all angels designed with a matte-black finish that looks both understated and killer at the same time. This product powered by a quad-core Intel Core i7 2630QM processor that has a base clock frequency of 2GHz but can push to 2.93GHz in Turbo Boost mode. Beside that add with 8GB of fast DDR3-1333 RAM and equipped with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 460M discrete GPU with a dedicated 1.5GB frame buffer, so you have the guts of a dandy gaming system. Not only that also provide 17.3-inch LED-backlit LCD which offering 1920-by-1080-pixel HD resolution.

Others features from Asus G73SW provide a Blu-ray drive and a pair of Seagate 7200-rpm, 500GB hard drives which has cost around $1650. And about the performance the Asus G73SW is very amazing. It was already tested with the several games such as Far Cry 2 which reaching over 56 frames per second, F1 2010 ran at 65 fps, F1 2010 ran at 65 fps, and Just Cause 2 took the system down a notch at ultrahigh settings, so as the laptop eked out only 16 fps. Moreover it also provides performance well on standard desktop applications and it is powering through our World Bench 6 benchmark with a superb score of 128.

In June MSI release three 10.1-inch touch screen tablets

The biggest PC maker Micro-Star International (MSI) announces on Thursday it would target business users with the release of three new 10.1-inch touch screen tablet PCs on June 1, that one with Google’s Android Honeycomb OS and two with Windows 7. For the Wind Pad tablet which running on Android Honeycomb powered by Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and for the tablet running windows 7 powered by AMD’s Brazos processor plus a display-enhancing chipset. And for the third with windows 7 operating system powered by an Intel Atom processor for handhelds. About the prices the Android will go on sale for US399 and the Windows 7 Wind Pad with Intel processor will go on sale for $549. But MSI does not set about the prices for the windows 7 with the AMD processor, and the said that maybe the prices it will likely be between the prices of the others two Wind Pads.

In this case the Android Wind Pad is become the first Honeycomb tablets to cost less than an iPad. Beside that all of these products will equip with WiFi as the network connectivity. Moreover all models come with accelerometers to detect the orientation of the device and you can rotate images on the screen depending on how it’s being held, it is like an auto light sensor to adjust screen brightness to better matches the user’s lighting situation.

The experience processor though ARM Cortex-A9 Processor

ARM Cortex-A9 Processor

This the new thing in world computer processor The ARM Cortex™-A9 processor provides unprecedented levels of performance, beside that it is can provide power efficiency making it an ideal solution for designs requiring high performance in low power or thermally constrained cost-sensitive devices. Not only that it available as either a single core or configurable multi core processor, though both synthesizable and hard-macro implementations available.  Advantages from the ARM Cortex™-A9 processor can scale across a wide variety of applications while enabling a consistent software investment across multiple markets. And others advantages are Optional NEON™ media and/or floating point processing engine, Low power targeted single core implementations into cost sensitive devices, Scalable up to four coherent cores with advanced MP Core technology, and Unrivalled performance with 2GHz typical operation with the TSMC 40G hard macro implementation.

The specifications for The ARM Cortex™-A9 processor are ARMv7-A Cortex architecture, 2.50 DMIPS/MHz per core Dhrystone performance, and ISA support such as ARM, Thumb®-2 / Thumb, Jazelle® DBX and RCT, DSP extension, Advanced SIMD NEON™ unit (Optional), and Floating Point Unit (Optional). Not only that it also has memory management and Core Sight™ DK-A9 debug and trace. Moreover this processor equipped with TrustZone® Technology, so it can ensures reliable implementation of security applications ranging from digital rights management to electronic payment and broad support from industry partners and technology.

LaCie d2 external Blu-ray drive 301906U 12x speed

LaCie d2 external Blu-ray drive 301906U 12x speed

The biggest industrial computer LaCie introduces new innovation of blu-ray and they combine design and technology to create the highest-performing external USB Blu-ray drive available. The LaCie d2 Blu ray offer several features set are that FireWire and USB 2.0 interfaces and it is become one of the most well-known and frequently-used ports on computing devices. Not only that this product also provide for r the high transfer of data thorough several ports are provided to make this transfer happen. According LaCie this product comes with a bundled software package and which includes Roxio Easy media Creator 10, Toast 10 Titanium with HD/BD plug-in. Others features is offers the ability to burn documents, raw video shoots and multiple files onto a disc without any hassle.

About the performance the LaCie d2 Blu ray offer Blu-ray reads at a speed of 8x and writes at a speed of 12X, beside that also offers A DVD reads and writes at a speed of 16X while CDs read and write with a speed of 40x. And about the technical support the LaCie d2 Blu ray provides solid technical support that we were pleased with. Moreover you can Contact information for troubleshooting help was easy to find on the site along with the ability to receive downloads and a quick installation guide.

Lexar Media 128GB Professional SDXC Memory Card

128GB Professional SDXC Memory Card

This good news that Lexar launched the new innovation of Memory Card named SDXC Memory Card. It is has amount capacity about 128 GB. So you can save your data as you want. And about the specification include lexar Media Inc. as manufacture and has part number LEHMX128BSBNA.   For general specification is that USB flash drive product type, 128 GB storage capacity, compatibility for Windows and Mac. For memory specification is that 30 Mbps (read) 17 Mbps (write), Hi-Speed USB interface type, Interface Specification Compliance USB 2.0. Not only that provide expansion/connectivity 1 x Hi-Speed USB – 4 pin USB Type “A” as interfaces and Miscellaneous AES-128 Compliant Standards. And about the service and support 5 years warranty.

In about the amount capacity it not only provide128 GB but it is available at 32 GB and 64 GB.  This drive comes preformatted in the FAT32 file system it is means this drive can work with both Macs and PCs immediately. Moreover you can easily convert or reformat it into the NTFS (Windows) or HFS+ (Mac) file system to overcome this shortcoming. So in my conclusion with its great amount of storage space and tiny form it is become an excellent secure mobile backup and data storage solution.

The new series Lian Li PC-V354 premium aluminium PC case

Lian Li PC-V354 PC aluminum Case

This good news for a computer enthusiast, you’ve never heard of Lian Li you’ve probably been living in a cave for the past ten years. Actually the Lian Li is famous for its premium aluminum computer cases, and they already has build a pretty good name for itself, so if you hear someone complaining about Lian Li cases it’s usually about their high price. Today they want to introduce the new pc named Lian Li Mini Q PC-V354. It is a compact aluminum case designed for Micro-ATX/Mini-ITX/Mini-DTX motherboards. And about the dimension is 245mm x 320mm x 420mm (W x H x D) and weighing a mere 4.17kg.

Here we would overview about the the Lian Li PC-V354 specifications are that PC-V354 model, Mini Tower case type, Aluminum for Front bezel Material, available Color: Black / Silver / Red, Aluminum for side panel, aluminum for Body Material, 4.17KG net weight, 5.25″ drive bay (External): 1, 3.5″ drive bay (External): None, 3.5″ drive bay (Internal): 7, Motherboard: M-ATX / Mini-ITX / Mini-DTX, System Fan (Front): Black, Silver: 120mm Blue LED Fan x 2 / Red: 120mm Red LED Fan x 2, System Fan (Top): 140mm Fan x 1, System Fan (Rear): None, I/O Ports: USB3.0 x 2 / HD Audio / SD Card Reader, 2.5″ drive bay (Internal): 4, and provide Maximum Video Card Size: 350mm.