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Digital Storm released ODE PC powerful desktop for gamers

At this few time we have seen many gaming desktops from the house of Digital Storm and all of them have been quite powerful.  In other hand the latest desktop from Digital Strom stable is no exception. So the Digital Storm ODE is one of the powerful desktop for gamers and enthusiast. In this case the Digital Storm offers several level of pc gaming, there good level, Better level, Best Level, and Ultimate Level.

For the Good level uses Intel i7 2600k at 4.5 GHz processor, Corsair 8GB 1600 MHz memory, NVIDIA GTZ 570 1 GB Video card, Western Digital 1 TB storage media, Asus p8p67 Pro motherboard, windows 7 home premium, and priced at $1.499. At the Better level that is Intel i7 2600k at 4.7 GHz processor, Corsair 8GB 1600 MHz memory, 2x SLI NVIDIA GTX 560 1 GB video card, Intel 320 series 80 GB SSD and WD  1 TB storage media, Asus p8p67 Saber tooth motherboard, windows 7 home premium, and priced at $1,999.

For the third is best level pc gaming equipped with Intel i7 2600k at 4.7 GHz processor, Corsair 8GB 1600 MHz memory , 2x SLI NVIDIA GTX 570 1.2 GB, Intel 320 120 GB SSD and WD 1 TB storage media, Aus p8p67 saber tooth, windows 7 home premium, and priced at $2.299. The last pc gaming is ultimate level has specification is that Intel i7 2600k at 5.0 GHz processor, Corsair 8GB 1600 MHz memory, 2x SLI NVIDIA GTX 570 1.2 GB, Intel 320 120 GB SSD and WD 1 TB storage media, Asus Maximus IV Extreme motherboard, windows 7 home premium, and priced at $2,499.

Crucial Introduces 16 GB DDR3-1066 MHz memory card with very low profile RDIMM

Recently Crucial technology launched their new 16GB DDR3-1066MHz Very Low Profile (VLP) RDIMM memory modules and it is commonly used in blade servers and to run memory intensive applications such as server virtualization.  This new memory designed with a PCB height of only 18.75mm and the VLP form factor is designed to reduce the space taken by memory and it allow for greater airflow through the body of the server. In other hand it is assisting in the reduction of thermal power consumption and ultimately contributing to reduced cooling costs. In addition the new 16GB density enables data center managers to increase total memory density per server and improve overall system performance.

In this case the crucial 16GB DDR3-1066MHz VLP RDIMM memory modules are RoHS compliant and halogen-free. Beside that the VLP RDIMM modules are also available in 4GB or 8GB densities and as well as kits ranging from 8GB to 64GB. About the performance from the Crucial it can provide the amazing performance than ever and it will become the fastest memory than ever with very low profile RDIMM memory module. According to Crucial this new memory will sell at $725 and if you want to know more information this memory you can check at their website.

Computex Introduces OCZ RevoDrive hybrid HDD/SSD PCIe SSD

We all of know that computex is still a week away but tech companies have already started the preparation and it has come to light that OCZ is all set to launch its first hybrid drive during Computex 2011 show. In this case OCZ will demonstrate that first hybrid HDD/SSD PCIe SSD from the RevoDrive family. There is utilizes a large high speed NAND flash cache coupled with high density rotational media which can deliver maximized performance to density ratios for workstation usage. This innovation also can answer all of problem about the storage media for computer usage. Beside that we can use this storage media for saving our data safely, so those don’t be afraid because your data never lose again.

Unfortunately, OCZ didn’t give any information about this product and it seems this could be a really nice product. In other hand users can make use of the hybrid drive to increase performance of the system.  Beside that hope OCZ keeps pricing within the reach of most people.  But don’t worries about that, according OCZ will give more information in next week, so I think stay tuned for more. In we will always give the newest information about this product.

PCIe storage RamSan-70 called 900 GB Gorilla

Today the RamSan-70 delivers a complete PCIe storage system on a half-length PCIe card. It can minimize latency between processors and storage, and is easily installed in minutes. It is like SSD which can delivers up to 900 GB of usable Flash or 1280 GB raw. In this case the 450 GB on the main card plus 450 GB on the optional mezzanine card make it the highest capacity Single Level Cell (SLC)-based PCIe Flash card on the market. In other hand SLC Flash ensures the greatest possible performance and reliability, but unlike the consumer-grade Multi Level Cell (MLC) Flash some competitors use in their storage systems. Beside that the RamSan-70 also incorporates 17% over provisioned Flash capacity for write acceleration and two levels of data protection such as ECC and RAID.  In other hand the Ramsan-70 offers unparalleled sustained performance, delivering 330,000 random read IOPS and also with its fast PCIe connection. So that Ramsan-70 has a direct connection to main memory that eliminates additional costs related to disk controllers, disk chassis, and disk cables.

The Ramsan-70 is equipped with onboard CPU, includes 450 GB of Flash storage, uses SLC NAND Flash as its storage medium, easy to install and easy to manage, each Flash chip incorporates an ECC data field within the chip for initial checking, and it was designed from the chip up with the enterprise in mind. Beside that it include Texas Memory System’s proprietary wear-leveling technology and RamSan Series-7 is the 7th generation of the RamSan product family.

AMD FirePro V7900 vs V5900 Professional graphics cards review

The largest industrial graphic card today launched the newest generation of graphics cards. There are the AMD FirePro V7900 and AMD FirePro V5900. Both of them created for professional who work in fields such as engineering, designer, media, etc. These new graphic cards provide more than doubles the performance of competitive offering. Beside there are flagship features include AMD Geometry Boost technology, AMD Power Tune technology and AMD Eyefinity multi-display support. Actually new for this generation of AMD FirePro products is AMD Power Tune technology. In this case this power management technology provides direct control GPU power usage. In other hand also provide applications enjoy ultimate performance with dynamic clock optimization and minimizing workstation energy usage. And about the Geometry Boost technology, it is unique hardware capability that processes two primitives per clock cycle. So as the result is incredibly fast geometry performance, ensuring smooth handling of complex models for CAD and DCC users.

The AMD FirePro V7900 provide 1280 stream processors, 256-bit memory, interface, 160GB/s bandwidth, 2GB GDDR5 memory, and four Display Port. And will sell at $812. While for the AMD FirePro V5900 features 512 stream processors, 4GB/s bandwidth, 2GB GDDR5 memory, 256-bit memory interface, 2x Display Port and 1 Dual-link DVI. And this product will sell at $500.

MSI unveils the N560GTX Twin Frozr II Series Graphics Card and the perfect balance of cooling and noise

N560GTX Twin Frozr II Series Graphics Card

Taipei Taiwan MSI, the globally renowned graphics card and motherboard manufacturer and today they launched the newest member of its critically acclaimed Twin Frozr II family of graphics cards. Through the latest generation NVIDIA GeForce GTX560 graphics core and there is 1GB GDDR5 high speed memory, beside that the N560GTX Twin Frozr II graphics card features the latest generation of high-end Military Class II Components and it provide provides gamers with the most outstanding quality and stability available on the market. In other side we thanks to MSI afterburner over clocking utility’s core over-voltage function, the over clocking potential of this graphics card can be fully unleashed and even more impressive is the fact that the MSI N560GTX TwinFrozr II features the award-winning Twin Frozr II cooling design with large 8CM dual PWM fans. Moreover there is Super Pipe technology and a nickel-plated copper base design. In this case even when running at full load, the core temperatures still remain under 70℃ and noise level is controlled at 30dB and the ultimate balance between cooling and noise along with extreme performance.

This new product graphics card become the Perfect Balance of Cooling and Noise –The Twin Frozr II Thermal Design, A Major Leap in Over clocking Potential – the Afterburner Over-Voltage Function, and The Stability and Durability of High Quality – Strict Selection of Military Class II Components.

MSI’s CR460 multimedia laptop specs and review

MSI CR460 multimedia laptop

MSI launched new generation CR460 laptop computer features an Intel 2nd generation Core™ i5 processor, SRS PC Sound™ wrap-around sound, HD webcam, and an SDXC memory card slot with the blazing Bluetooth 3.0 optional. Now, we can enjoy all the latest features and not worry about breaking the bank. For the specification MSI CR460, there are Intel® Core™ i5-2410M Processor (3M Cache, 2.30 GHz) or Intel® Core™ i3-2310M Processor (3M Cache, 2.10 GHz) processors, Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium operating system, 1333MHz DDR3 memory, 14″ HD (1366*768) LED backlight display, Intel HD Graphics 3000, 1x HDMI, 1x VGA, 640GB/500GB/320GB/ SATA 5400rpm Hard disk drive, DVD Super Multi optical disk drive, card Reader support SD/MMC/MS/XD/SDHC/SDXC, 1xHDMI, 2x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0 (optional), SRS PC Sound, 802.11 b/g/n WLAN, Bluetooth 3.0(optional), 1x Gigabit LAN, HD (30fps@720p) web cam, 6-Cell Li-Ion(4400mAH) battery, 344.4mm x 221mm x 28 mm Dimension (WxDxH), and 2.2Kg(w/6 cell Battery) weight. Beside that there are several features include S- Bar, Easy Viewer, and Easy Face.


Based on the specification above the MSI CR460 has the powerful performance with Intel 2nd generation Core™ i5 CPU and the ultimate multimedia are that Theater-grade enjoyment and High resolution webcam. Beside that the MSI CR460 also has the cutting edge of style, and exclusive software makes life simpler such as ECO Engine power-saving technology, i-Charger technology, Facial recognition and photo management software, and MSI S-Bar.

ASUS P8Z68 Series and ROG Motherboards Maximize Z68 specs and reviews

ASUS P8Z68 Series

Recently, Asus offers consumers a range of new motherboard based on the Intel® Z68 Express chipset. There are the ASUS P8Z68 Series and ROG Maximus IV GENE-Z motherboards all have numerous powerful features that fully exploit the performance benefits of Sandy Bridge technology without compromise which packing more features and new innovations onto the Z68 platform while maintaining unmitigated performance and reliability.

ROG Motherboards Maximize Z68

In this case Asus is the only motherboard manufacturer able to integrate diverse new technologies in tandem on its Z68-based motherboards on launch and these include the universal implementation of LucidLogix Virtu™ switchable graphics to harness the capabilities of Intel® Quick Sync Video for faster video transcending and the extreme performance of the latest NVIDIA® and AMD graphics cards. Beside that it along with Intel® Smart Response Technology to accelerate hard drives performance and reduces energy consumption. Not only that, there are also support new features such as full support for faster video transcending and switchable graphics, it is means All ASUS Z68-based motherboards are natively designed to support the LucidLogix Virtu™ graphics virtualization engine that works in conjunction with Intel® Quick Sync Video to deliver up to three times faster and smoother video transcoding and playback. Another feature is segment leading digital power delivery and all new BIOS. It is deliver a ramped-up range of proprietary technologies. DIGI+ VRM set a new standard for digital power control at its debut, where it replaced analog power control with the most precise tuning available to PC users. But about the prices there is no explanation from Asus.

HP launched Pavilion HPE h8, Pavilion Slim line s5, and HP Pavilion p7 desktops pc



Recently HP updated their pavilion series of desktop pc, there are Pavilion HPE h8 series, Pavilion Slim line s5 series, and Pavilion p7 series. Actually are that the redesigned HP Pavilion desktops sport stylish, glossy enclosures, fitting anywhere from dorm-room desks to media cabinets. Beside that the desktops boast of Beats Audio for amazing sound and HP Linkup which lets users view and interact with content and programs from their notebook PCs on an HP Pavilion desktop PC wirelessly via a home network and without file mix-ups or complex synchronization. For the first product called Pavilion HPE h8 series is the most powerful of the lot with Intel Core i7 or AMD Phenom processor and also boast of up to three internal hard drives, high-end NVIDIA or ATI graphics and Blu-ray drive. This Pavilion HPE h8 series will sell starts at $600 and will release on may 18.


About the second desktop pc is the Pavilion Slim line s5 that features a small chassis and it is powered by Intel Core i5-2500S (3.7GHz) processor and feature similar specification. According to HP it is sell starts at $330 and will be available from June 15. And the last products is the HP Pavilion p7 series is your usual desktop with Intel Core i3-2120 (3.1GHz) processor, 1TB hard drive, up to 8GB DDR3 memory, DVD burner, AMD Radeon HD 6450 (1GB dedicated), 6 USB 2.0, 15-in-1 memory card reader, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, USB optical mouse and keyboard, DVI, VGA and HDMI. And this product will sell at $300n and will be available from May 18.

Gigabyte Z68 motherboard specs and review

Gigabyte Z68 motherboard

In this few time in Taipei, Taiwan at may 11th 2011 Gigabyte INC, and we all of know that a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphic card, the introduces their highly anticipated Z68 series motherboards and it is based on the Intel® Z68 Express Chipset and supporting the new 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors. In this case it is delivering the very best that Intel® 6 series chipsets have to offer and including a significant performance boost with Intel® Smart Response Technology. Beside that it is become the first ever mSATA drive connectors on a standard desktop PC motherboard, and GIGABYTE’s proprietary Touch BIOS™ technology. The GIGABYTE Z68 series motherboards put users in the driver seat and llowing them to take total control over how their system operates and performs to best match their individual computing needs. Moreover 11 models are available now and more than 9 additional model including at least 4 mSATA versions and will be introduced in June, 2011.

This motherboard from Gigabyte offers several new features such as touch bios technology, icon based on bios, easy to navigate, completely customizable, No Need to enter BIOS to Modify BIOS Settings, Intel® Smart Response Technology, Intel® Quick Sync Video*, and Switchable Graphics with LucidLogix Virtu GPU Virtualization.