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Lenovo Think Centre Edge 91z specs and review

Think Centre Edge 91z

Lenovo come with the all in one desktop pc for those who do business. This desktop pc named think Centre Edge 91z. This all in one desktop pc has stylish 21.5” design and LED infinity display with easy to clean surface view management utility for optimized multitasking.  Beside that there is spill proof, island style, wireless keyboard stores underneath the all in one and add with up to 1 GB AMD Radeon discrete graphic.

For the specification Think centre Edge 91z there is up to 2nd generation Intel Core i7 processor, runs with genuine windows 7 professional 32/64 bit, Boot in less than 15 seconds with Lenovo EE 2.0 with Rapid Boot technology, fast, easy setup with one wire to plug in, and 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor family. About storage media there is up to 1 TB HDD and 80 GB. In other hand the Think Pad Edge 91z provide up to 8GB DDR3, 6-in-1 card reader, HDMI out/VGA in, 6 USB ports, and 2MP webcam with integrated mic which can use for video chat, video recording, and taking picture. According Lenovo this all in one pc desktop will available on July 2011. But about the prices there is no explanation from Lenovo.

AMD’s introduces AMD A8-3530MX mobile fusion Processor 32 nm

AMD fusion A8-3530MX

We all of know one of AMD’s design goals for its fusion architecture must have been its application in mobile processor, in this case AMD isn’t the brightest in terms of energy efficiency. In other hand the company’s fastest product for the notebook platform is based on the Llano silicon. It is will release in 2011, and is a quad-core APU.  Then Enter the AMD A8-3530MX. This processor built on the 32 nm processes with FS1 package and the A8-3530MX is an accelerated processing unit (APU), it combines a quad-core processor with a powerful GPU and Northbridge component. This processor provide a default clock speed of 1.90 GHz and Turbo Core speed of 2.60 GH, it has 4MB of L2 cache, and provide a dual-channel DDR3-1600 MHz memory controller which also supports DDR3L-133 MHz.

About the GPU component is the DirectX 11 compliant AMD Radeon HD 6620G and 400 stream processors, and engine clock speed of 444 MHz. Moreover there is northbridge component is entirely integrated into the APU which packs a PCI-Express 2.0 hub to support discrete graphics and there is the top-of-the-line chip maintains a TDP of 45W. In other hand the The AMD A8-3530MX will be backed by a single-chip chipset, this not much more than a Southbridge.  After that the platform will launch with AMD A60M chipset and later the company will introduce A70M which packs native USB 3.0 support.

Motorola Xoom specs and review

Motorola Xoom

Motorola comes with the new products named Motorola Xoom, it is easily the best competition Apple’s iPad has ever seen. The specification Motorola Xoom tablet provide 10.1 in TFT active matrix, 1280×800 (150 ppi) display resolution, integrated 32 GB flash memory, 1 GB-DDR2 SDRAM, supported flash memory cards, 32 GB max supported memory capacity, and NVIDIA Tegra 2 1 GHz processor with dual core technology. For communications tools there are Wireless Broadband that is CDMA 2000 1x800x1900, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g,  Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, and Human Interface Device Profile of Bluetooth profile.

Beside that this Motorola Xoom provide digital camera that is rear-facing camera, 5 megapixels sensor resolution, automatic focus adjustment, LED camera light source, 1280×720 video resolution, 720 HD video Recording, video recording, and 2 megapixel front facing camera. In other side there is also multimedia functionally such as supported digital audio, supported digital video formats 1280 x720 max resolution for external, and there are providing speakers for audio. Not only that, Motorola Xoom also provide GPS Navigation, 24 Wh battery capacity, and for operating system uses Android 3.0 operating system. Moreover this Motorola Xoom also include several software such as Gmail, Voice Command, Alarm Clock, Music Player, Quick office, Calculator, Games, Google Talk, Calendar, and Virtual Keyboard. About the prices this Motorola zoom sell at range $589.00-$998.90.

RIM recalls 900 faulty BlackBerry Playbooks and here are the serial numbers

RIM recalls 900 faulty BlackBerry PlayBooks

Recently we found the BlackBerry Playbooks to be pretty solid piece of hardware and it seems there was a problem batch that is an inside source tells us that nearly 1,000 faulty tablets were shipped to Staples, and now they’re being recalled. In this case we are hoping that staples or and any other affected retailers will reach out to customers and inform them of the problem right away and that does not happen. Then we have compiled a searchable spreadsheet of all 935 alleged serial numbers for you to check against your own and Find it right after the break.


According to RIM tells crack berry that the faulty batch of the 16GB tablets was indeed limited to the approximately 1,000 units described here and that they had a faulty build of the OS “that may result in the devices being unable to properly load software upon initial set-up. Beside that the company says that only a few went out to customers and that most are still in distribution. So as the result with any luck you will never have to deal with this problem to begin with. If you want to know about the Staples BlackBerry Playbook recall serial numbers you can visit

Fujitsu launched a new TH Series Tablet Pc in Japan with slide out keyboard

Fujitsu TH Series Tablet

Recently Fujitsu announced a new ATOM based tablet with the TH series with the company first out keyboard. In this case this new tablet named TH40D comes with a 10.1” and Multi touch screen with a 1024×600 resolution display. Beside that this new tablet pc is powered by an Intel Oak Trail ATOM Z670 CPU (1.5GHz) equipped with 1GB of RAM, a 120 GB 4200 rpm HDD for storage media, and also built in Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi. In other hand this new little TH40D really stand out of what usually Fujitsu propose with a gorgeous looking design and usually called “Apple Like” Aluminum chassis and gorgeous screen with a Black Frame.

About the design the TH40D is a very light with a weight of only 1.1kg and a total thickness of 17.4mm. About the style there is only drawback that I may think about this tablet pc. For the operating system this tablet pc runs on windows 7, beside that there is provide a dual boot that is Windows mode or Android mode would have been a killer combo.  According to Fujitsu this tablet pc will sell start at 80,000 yen, this will release on the market around June and for the first time will release on Japan.

The new Dell Vostro 3750 Notebook review

Dell Vostro 3750

The biggest industrial laptop called Dell, today announce the third generation 17 incher from Dell’s Vostro range has come to our editorial office. The new dell vostro offers both new hardware inside as well as a refreshed exterior available in various colors. Not only that, ell offers various laptops which especially address small and medium businesses, abbreviated SMBs. I think it is the good decision for a business notebook is supposed to be made easier with a low entry price and the usual comprehensive configuration options. About the specification it is based on Intel’s Huron River platform, both the smaller 15.6 inch Dell Vostro 3550 and the Dell Vostro 3750 with a 17.3 inch display (1600×900 pixels, matt) reviewed here are currently available.  For the case was revised simultaneously with the hardware refresh.

In this case the new Dell Vostro 3750 powered by an Intel Core i3-2310M dual core processor with a clock rate of 2.1 GHz and incorporated GMA HD 3000 GPU. Beside that the new Dell Vostro 3750 also equipped with 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and a hard disk capacity of 500 GBs. In other hand we also received a faster version in addition to this entry level configuration which we will use in the performance section as a comparison. This notebook sell start price of 459 Euros (RRP).

Acer Aspire 5830TG Notebook specs and review

Acer Aspire 5830TG

Acer proudly introduced the new Acer Aspire Timeline X series is getting new hardware and a fresh new look. In this case something have stayed the same such as the matt case surface and aluminum display cover, but there is new features include “isolation” keyboard with chic let keys.  Beside that this laptop provides three choices of display system there are 13.3 (3830TG), 14 (4830TG) and 15.6 inches.  Actually the new Timeline X generation looks very similar to the luxury model from the Acer Aspire Ethos series.

About the specification the Acer Aspire 5830TG equipped with the latest Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs and we already tested model the 5830TG, came equipped with a Intel Core i5-2410M (dual-core CPU with a clock speed of 2.3 GHz, which can be boosted up to 2.9 GHz using Turbo Boost 2.0). And the CPU was further supported by the new middle-class graphics chip that is the Nvidia GeForce GT 540M which has 2 GB DDR3 memory. Beside that this notebook also include the big 6 cell battery, with 66 Wh, and Nvidia Optimus (which allows switching between the dedicated graphics chip and the CPU graphics chip), the battery life should be able to last for 8 hours or more. Not only that, there are also include a 750 GB hard disk, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, USB 3.0 and the latest communication technology and cables. For the prices is about 899-799 Euro.

Review Apple iPad 2 vs. Asus Transformer Eee Pad TF101 vs. Acer Iconia A500 vs. Motorola Xoom

Apple iPad 2, Asus Transformer Eee Pad TF101, Acer Iconia A500, and Motorola Xoom

Today we compare several tablet pc, there are Apple iPad 2, Asus Transformer Eee Pad TF101, Acer Iconia A500, and Motorola Xoom. First we compare from the case and design, about the iPad relies on a particularly slim chassis in this point and It can also score with a perfect workmanship and with an especially high-end material impression due to the aluminum unibody design, about the Motorola Xoom proves to have the greatest likeness with the iPad and there is not only the thickness but the aluminum back shell and the choice of color look as if they’ve been copied, about the Acer also relies on aluminum for the Iconia A500 – at least for the back cove, and about the Asus and its Eee Tab TF101 step completely out of line and this tablet is he only one that has a plastic back shell.

About the connectivity the Acer Iconia A500 is the only tablet in our test series that has a standard USB port which allows connecting USB sticks or hard disks, for Asus focuses on the standard connectivity and supplies a docking port, a MicroSD a microphone socket, slot and its own slim HDMI port. About the Motorola’s Xoom places the headphone socket together with the SIM slot and the MicroSD card slot, and about the iPad 2 has the poorest configuration in this point. If you want to know more than information about the reviews product above you can search in internet.

VIA Quad Core Processor review

VIA Nano X2 E-Series Processor

VIA proudly launched their new quad core processor series. These VIA quad core processors combine four 64 bit ‘Isaiah’ cores on two dies and offering enhanced multi-tasking and superb multimedia performance on a low power budget.  In other hand it is also featuring a highly optimized, the VIA Quad Core processor delivers awesome performance across the board for multi-tasking, multimedia playback, energy-efficient multi-core architecture, productivity and internet browsing in a low power envelope. Actually VIA Quad Core processors are natively 64-bit compatible and come with a host of additional performance features including Adaptive Over clocking, the 1333MHz V4 Bus, and 4MB L2 cache. Through their lower power design, the VIA Quad Core processor also offer industry-leading energy efficiency with the VIA Quad Core 1.2+ GHz processor delivering a TDP (Thermal Design Power) of only 27.5 watts.

Others benefit from this processor is that a technology that allows legacy software and applications to be used in virtual scenarios without impacting on performance and VIA Padlock with the Advanced Cryptography Engine which delivers the world’s fastest AES encryption. So this hardware based data encryption offers data encryption on the fly and an essential tool in content protection and system security. In this case VIA quad core processor available at a speed of 1.2 GHz a, VIA Quad Core processors are manufactured using the latest 40nm process and it feature a VIA NanoBGA2 package of 21mm x 21mm with a die size of 11mm x 6mm. Not only that it also fully pin-to-pin compatible with VIA Eden , VIA Eden X2 processors, VIA Nano E-Series, and VIA C7.

Intel Celeron Sandy Bridge G540, G530 , G440 specs and reviews

intel celeron

Yesterday Intel published a story about three new Celeron “Sandy Bridge” microprocessors and it was planned for the third quarter 2011. These Celeron processor launched in three kinds, there are G540, G530, and G440 were revealed by leaked roadmap slide and it posted by my In this case Intel Celeron G530 and G540 model consist of 2 CPU cores and it will be able to execute two threads at once. When we compare with Sandy Bridge Pentiums, the Celerons processor will have smaller 2 MB L3 cache and operate at lower frequencies. For the G530 models will has 2.4 GHz clock speed and for the G540 models will has 2.5 GHz clock speed. It is like forthcoming Pentium parts, for the Celerons will integrate HD graphics with 850 MHz base and 1 GHz turbo frequencies and both models will fit into 65 Watt thermal envelope.


About the Celeron G440 models will be a single-core and single-threaded CPU with 1.6 GHz clock rate, lower power consumption, and 1 MB L3 cache. Beside that there is The HD-capable graphics controller on this chip will be clocked at 650 MHz and it can be boosted to 1 GHz when necessary. In this case the Intel G440 is going to have 35 Watt TDP.