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Wonderful Payoffs From A Workflow Software


In regards to the terms, Streamline Operations or Reduce Operating Expenses and Cut Labor Costs, do you definitely have any idea what these terms actually mean? How much cash does the business truly wish to save? And how does workflow software program assistance the company to achieve this seemingly insurmountable aim?

When it comes to workflow software, just about every enterprise absolutely has their very own sets of procedures as well as techniques that they implement on the subject of handling a…

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In terms of the terms, Streamline Operations or Reduce Operating Expenses and Cut Labor Costs, do you actually have any idea what these terms truly mean? Just how much dollars does the corporation essentially need to save? And how does workflow computer software help the business to achieve this seemingly insurmountable target?

When it comes to workflow software, just about every corporation unquestionably has their very own sets of procedures as well as procedures that they implement with regards to handling all sorts of day-to-day operations in and out of their organizations which include the following: invoicing, time sheets, status reports, new account setup and you may too include things like almost everything else which will be able to make your company tick. The term workflow in workflow software program actually refers for the tasks, personnel, procedural steps, needed information as well as the several tools that happen to be required for the steps that the small business has to take in order for it to turn into effective.

Every business features a exceptional and different course of action as compared with other organizations in the organization, this is why a good deal of expanding companies usually wind up using a highly unorganized organization approach in regards to e-mail templates, spreadsheets, shared documents, paper forms and also trivial knowledge which the personnel must know as a way to be capable of deal with the day-to-day company.

Majority of the time, such chaos and disorganization generally leads to different frustrations and troubles for the smaller enterprise, such daily hassles consist of: missing paper function, missed deadlines, lost at the same time as incorrect information as well as extending heavily on operating hours so that you can total a certain job. This can be what commonly occurs to unorganized offices and is generally known as red tape. The bottom line is the fact that when the red tape begins gaining on your clients nerves, it would soon be a downward spiral for the company also.

So to your companys rescue comes workflow software program automation. But what precisely is actually a workflow software? And how can it make it easier to out in this corporation crisis? Workflow software program is actually still reasonably new towards the corporate setting wherein it really is a mixture of a to-do list also as project management tool, only set on a distinctive scale.

When it comes to workflow software program just believe of possessing a easy to-do list at your hands wherein through the workflow computer software, that to-do list can now also be accessible by other personnel from your corporation by means of the firm network. This uncomplicated to-do list can in fact, on its own, preserve track of all of the products that should be addressed by every person inside the corporation. Also, by way of the workflow software, as soon as specific tasks are completed by the assigned enterprise staff, the workflow computer software will truly automatically send off other to-do tasks towards the proper organization personnel.

The workflow software is truly wise adequate to also pass whichever documents or data which can be required to become in a position to perform whichever tasks that it sends out towards the employees. And lastly, if the workflow softwares capabilities aren’t thrilling enough then you can find other wonderful attributes that this automation computer software has in store for its users. The workflow software program may also do some visual status tracking of the tasks at hand, due data monitoring (which ensures each and every member of your team that a deadline has been set and has to be especially met by the personnel, company rules). The workflow software will generally be sure that the personnel continuously adhere for the companys guidelines and regulations, e-mail and database capabilities.

It truly is incredibly vital for a corporation to possess a effectively sorted out database in order to avoid men and women from panicking the moment a particular file has mysteriously disappeared most in particular through the time that their boss requirements it. All these are jam-packed within the workflow computer software automation wherein it’s going to surely have the ability to enable you to as well as your organization, and most specifically the staff to possess a simplified operating atmosphere which is highly geared towards getting able to create the ideal results at any offered time. The workflow computer software will actually allow employees to be able do their job nicely considering that they would not be scrambling for lost files anymore as well as all sorts of other hassles that might erupt any time you are inside a very disorganized enterprise. It is also equally essential that the workers are extremely skilled but their expertise will not be a match for the cluttered chaos that could be triggered by disorganization.

Great Party Music? You need additional than just a

Great Party Music? You need additional than just a CD player!


Music is an important part of any profitable celebration. You will need far more than a CDMP3 player to satisfy your party music desires. Music Morpher Gold four.0.66 is a low-cost, high effect celebration partner guaranteed to impress absolutely everyone. For a unique and thriving party, be sure you use Music Morpher Gold 4.0.66.

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Music is an crucial a part of any productive celebration. I had been thinking a lot about how you can make the music plus the atmosphere of my upcoming party thrilling and totally exceptional; but how could I do it? A DJ may be extremely pricey; just letting the CDMP3 player do the job will be also boring. Then, on the web, I identified out about Music Morpher Gold four.0.66, a cool music computer software plan. I downloaded it and checked it out and discovered it could effortlessly assist my party be more thrilling than ever with its lots of special options. Very best of all it was 50% off at

Music Morpher Gold four.0.66 and its cool library of effects will make your music listening extra exciting than ever. Music will under no circumstances be really the same once again. Just consider what it could do for you personally with just a single click: alter a smaller room into a music hall, move you beneath the sea, place you on a mountain, in a cave, or almost anyplace though youre nevertheless sitting there enjoying music. Let your imagination fly and rock your world. You are able to be your personal DJ by adding a wide range of music effects for example Techno Word, Sticky, 3D Sound, Alien, Artificial Echo, and so forth., and in real time. Everybody will choose to attempt it. Furthermore, you could edit a number of songs or music clips simultaneously within a multisession waveformat window. You can combine your preferred music clips with each other to create your personal one of a kind music. Be your personal DJ just once with Music Morpher Gold four.0.66 and you’ll agree that its an incredible software program program. If you’re inside the music market or know about sound strategy, then youll desire to explore the wealth of offered particular effects. They may be so simple to use and manage, youll be producing new music in no time.

Music Morpher Gold 4.0.66 also integrates an enhanced surround sound player system. It supports many surround sound systems, like 4.0, four.1, 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1, with lots of surround environments preset for you to select from. Which includes Theater, Stadium, Concert Hall, Arena, Massive Space, etc., just pick out the preset surround environment most suitable for your speaker technique.
If you’d like your party to become awesome and outrageous, I very recommend trying this wonderful music software program. Music Morpher Gold 4.0.66 will surprise you and your buddies with its sensible and inventive musical effects combination and its versatility. Picture how impressed your close friends will likely be when they hear you modify the music in actual time. Everybody will have a wonderful time.

Graphic Creations With Software


A standard understanding of computers is all someone requirements to make their very own graphics with today’s style software program. Even with just small amount of design understanding, people today can still use straightforward style applications to build their very own cartoons strips, holiday cards, flyers and invitations. Your business enterprise and your self can save revenue on special occasions by working with a single in the various user friendly inexpensive programs which can be around.

The number a single selection for style computer software b…

software program

A standard understanding of computers is all a person wants to make their very own graphics with today’s design software program. Even with just little quantity of design understanding, people today can still use uncomplicated style programs to create their own cartoons strips, holiday cards, flyers and invitations. Your business and yourself can save cash on special occasions by working with one particular from the numerous user friendly affordable programs that are around.

The number a single selection for style software program by both specialists and amateurs is Adobe PhotoShop. By cropping, recoloring and adding unique effects, PhotoShop will allow users to transform photographs anyway they wish. Entirely new photos can also be produced by employing special drawing tools, or current images is often modified anyway the user desires. PhotoShop makes use of a method of layers. By making use of layers, separate pieces of a image is usually changed although keeping the changes separate. For example, you can alter the color on the bottom layer devoid of affecting the color on the best layer. In case you wish to draw much more than generating complete pictures, Adobe Illustrator may possibly be the option for you personally.

PhotoShop is usually a pixel-based plan although Adobe Illustrator is vector based. What does this mean your most likely asking yourself? When you make a image in PhotoShop, you need to use a particular resolution. A computer system screen displays 72 pixels per inch for a clear picture, but once you print a 72 dpi picture, it appears blocky and blurred. If you’re producing a picture for printing in PhotoShop, you will need to utilize 300 pixels per inch to acquire a nice, sharp image. Since Illustrator is vector-based, it utilizes a technique of paths rather than pixels. In simple terms, it utilizes lines rather than colors. This implies that almost everything you generate in Illustrator might be enlarged up to any size you wish without ever becoming blurry or grainy. Designers often use Illustrator software to build logos for a range of advertisements. The identical image or logo drawing is often utilised on a little business card or enlarged to fill an whole billboard.

For all those wishing to create very simple greeting cards or party invitations, there is a selection of user friendly computer software programs created specifically for these purposes. Lots of present templates for several print sizes and folding choices. For the far more skilled user, the software program system Quark is a great print layout tool. Adobe InDesign also delivers professional high quality layout choices as well as quite a few of the exact same tools made use of in Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator. If you’re to make use of these two applications, you will very easily have the ability to generate expert high quality supplies with InDesign.

There is a wide variety of file varieties applied in graphic software program applications. Most have their own native formats that may only be read by the parent programs. PhotoShop files have a .PSD extension, and Illustrator files are AI, making them only accessible by PhotoShop. When you are working having a operate in progress, it’s a excellent concept to save files in these formats, as they offer you the greatest flexibility in altering your creation. However, once you have completed your work and are able to print your supplies, you are able to save them inside a selection of approaches. Web photographs need to saved as JPEGs, GIF or TIFF files. Photos ready for printing are most effective saved as EPS files, to preserve color accuracy. In case you plan to send graphics by way of e-mail, PDF provides the greatest flexibility, as most computers have Acrobat Reader, the system required to read the PDF file sort.

Regardless of what software fits your needs, producing digital graphics can be a enjoyable and simple hobby, or even a professional career. It may take some time to get utilized to the terminology, but as soon as you discover the tools of digital art, you’ll be on your technique to creating functional and decorative graphic masterpieces to share together with the electronic globe.

Google Earth News – A different Beta to Take Your

Google Earth News – A different Beta to Take Your Breath Away


Google Earth Reviewed : After you’ve observed this, you;ll have to have five minutes to obtain your breath back! Then you can Travel.

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What’s google
Google is spectacular, it can be an additional wonderful package from the kings who can do no wrong. Basically adhere to two steps to benefit from this terrific free of charge download from Google for any holiday traveler. Google is going to take some processing power, so firstly ensure that you meet the minimum spec on your machine by checking the following before you download it:

– Windows 2000, or XP
– Pentium 3, 500Mhz
– 128M RAM
– 400MB disk space
– Network speed: 128Kbits/sec
– 3D-capable video card with 16Mbytes of VRAM
– 1024×768, “16-bit High Color” screen

– “Google Earth” is a free item and shares an installer with “Google Earth Plus”. You may upgrade your Google Earth to Plus by way of the Assistance menu.

– “Google Earth Plus” This version is for non-commercial use only

– This version supports Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
– It does run on Windows Server 2003 and XP-x64.

– It doesn’t run on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, or Windows ME.

– You will find identified issues with “Windows XP for tablet PCs” and Windows XP Media Center.

– It has also been tested effectively with Windows XP Service Pack two (SP2) with this exception:

– A minimum screen size of 1024×768 pixels is essential. Also, “True Color (32-bit)” resolution plus a sufficient graphics card are expected for clamped filled polygons; otherwise, they’re going to be displayed
as outlines only.

– The default OpenGL graphics rendering engine would be the typically the very best from both a efficiency and visual excellent viewpoint for Google eart.

– The DirectX version of Google is often selected inside the Preferences panel. If there is a problem at startup, it is possible to also modify it from the Start Menu item. Use it on older machines and laptop computers that have difficulty together with the default OpenGL version.

– The DirectX version of Google demands DirectX 8.1 or newer.

I’d suggest you attempt it now. It really is an unbelievable tool from Google and can prove to become fantastic from a educational and beneficial viewpoint , especially once they start out adding Google Maps and Google Local to it.
You may soon see whats around the corner.
A 9 out of ten from the Google Talks Team

Excellent Luck eCards – Do Wishes Seriously Work?


Virtually most of us wish Good Luck to each other whenever some need arises. All students appearing for the examinations get Very good Luck wishes from well-wishers.

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Just about most of us wish Great Luck to every other whenever some require arises. All students appearing for the examinations get Great Luck wishes from well-wishers. Anybody appearing for an interview will get his/her share of excellent wishes. We wish those that are going for surgery. Superior Luck wishes have develop into quite typical and they connect us using the result in of 1 who we’re wishing. What we are saying is this – Please go ahead. I want you to get success and I’m with you within this. My wishes are with you. I wish that you just succeed.

Do wishes work? For instance, if thousands of persons wish that an individual recovered from a serious illness, will that operate? These wishes are like modest prayers. A lot of the religions think that prayers are heard and answered. Recently, in a scientific study it was concluded that prayers may possibly not be working. But how far is each scientific inquiry correct? Do not scientists modify their opinions?

Wishes and prayers give a great strength to absolutely everyone. It really is a system of telling – You’re not alone. All of us are also with you. The almighty is with you and will certainly hear our prayers and support. Picture a student appearing for an examination. He/she has received many Excellent Luck eCards and is feeling happy that numerous people today wish that he/she succeeded. Will that not assist? Fantastic Luck ecards help in numerous techniques and at different mental levels. Please use them as regularly as you possibly can. Whether, it is actually a buddy, a neighbor or a organization associate, send a single. You’ll be helping them and making pals for life. You may also feel incredibly good immediately after sending the ecards. Whenever we give anything without expecting any return, we feel great. Use Great Luck ecards and bring a cheer on some faces.

Goldilocks along with the three Anti Spyware Products


Goldilocks was one particular in the lucky ones. Quite a few have no notion they’re not
adequately protected whilst online. Some suffer incidents of identity theft
that is rising drastically. Insure your On the net Safety.

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When apon a time, there was a young lady who became lost though traveling. She decided to pull over at a rest cease and get on the internet with her laptop to discover directions. As she booted up her trusty laptop, she remembered her AntiVirus was about to expire. Nicely, she thought, I’ll just search on the web for some thing that will get me by for now. The search engine final results provided a number of outcomes, all claiming to become the best…some even claimed to cure gout!

Very first she reviewed the freebies. looked superior, but wait, here’s a evaluation about it that says it’s truly Spyware! That won’tdo. Ah, here’s 1 that’s only $ 12.95 and if I download it right now, Wow,I get a Ginsu knife set for free with it! They even cut pipe! But alas, she noticed that it had no on line protection and the signatures had to become updated manually. This one particular will not do either.

Goldilocks was beginning to wonder if this was worth all the trouble. After all she thought, I just want a fast appear at and I is often on my solution to Grandmas, but just then she remembered the web page she had been suggested to final week. What a cute dog the internet websites Firm Mascot was! The web page stated that a computer could possibly be hacked very effortlessly without having correct protection. The believed of losing all of Grandmas recipes stored on her hard drive gave her a chill. The web site also mentioned, be it free of charge, inexpensive or high priced, ensure it performs for you personally! Read the agreement, read the manual, educate your self in its use, also check evaluations for consumer satisfaction. Sounds like good suggestions she believed.

Goldilocks now felt goal in her quest. She would insure her on the web safety, then get directions over the hill and thru the woods. Wait a minute, That Internet site with all the cute dog! She was confident it would have what she necessary. It just felt….secure, like Grandmas residence. Following all, her World-wide-web Security was paramount! She had heard horror stories about those wolves lurking on the web to benefit from unsuspecting souls. Particularly through complete moons. (Opps, incorrect story)

Because the site loaded, she gasped! Ah, this is just right! Just after just several minutes she located an Anti Virus Item that ranked in the leading 4! And it was not even costly. Happily she downloaded and installed it. It only took her a number of minutes to set it up. Just before she rebooted to finish the install, she bookmarked the web page so she could return later. She wanted details on Anti Spyware Items as well. And there was a article titled “Facts about Firewalls” that looked interesting. Some minutes later at she identified where she had created her incorrect turn. The way she was going now led to “Wolfsburg” where the “Lil Red Riding Hood Memorial” was. As she pulled back onto the freeway she believed, this would have produced an excellent story!

Goldilocks was one particular on the lucky ones. Lots of have no notion they are not adequately protected though on the net. Some suffer incidents of identity theft that is rising drastically. Insure your On the web Safety.

Gift Flower Screensavers


Here can be a new notion. This may cost you absolutely nothing and serve the objective wonderfully effectively. Let me inform you additional. You gift flowers on many occasions.

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Right here is actually a new idea. This may price you absolutely nothing and serve the objective wonderfully nicely. Let me tell you a lot more. You gift flowers on lots of occasions. There’s the hassle of trying to find an excellent florist on the internet or offline, picking what fits inside your budget and ensure that that it reaches the recipient in time. The flowers will certainly go stale inside a day or two and can be thrown away. If the recipient can be a well-known figure, your bouquet will probably be a single amongst several and will not make any impression. It is actually great dollars down the drain.

How about sending Flower Screensavers as gifts? They cost absolutely nothing. The recipient might be in a position to retain it forever. The unique gift is going to be right away noticed and can expense you nothing. This may be very easily completed, when you dare to experiment and have courage to break conventions that are loosing their value.

You are going to get beautiful screensavers with video shots of flowers of various types on line. An excellent web-site will provide a range of about one particular hundred screensaver to choose. Click, find out the weight of the file, and choose the screensaver that looks very best to you. Send a lot more if you wish. as there’s no price, it is going to be double benefit.

We should be to ready to make use of technology in unconventional approaches now. If technologies is usually employed to send millions of SMS messages to wish, why not Flower Screensaver as a gift on Birthdays, anniversaries, Promotions as well as other such occasions? Try them; you can expect to get a thanks letter from the recipient.

Getting rid of Spyware and Viruses


No matter if you run anti-virus and anti-spyware or not, your personal computer can still be infected. This really is on account of the ever evolving nature in the world-wide-web allowing new innovations for fantastic and negative. Now that your personal computer is infected, what are you able to do?

Keywords and phrases:
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No matter if you run anti-virus and anti-spyware or not, your pc can nonetheless be infected. This really is because of the ever evolving nature with the world-wide-web permitting new innovations for excellent and undesirable. Now that your laptop is infected, what are you able to do?

There are numerous items you are able to do. One of them could be to format your had drive. This really is the most time consuming and costly technique. You will shed all of your files and it’ll take you a really long time to re-install all your programs. This path should really only be taken if there’s no other course of action out there, and if there is a deep infection.

If the infection is less serious there are many points you may do. You’ll be able to clean up your tricky drive with anti-virus and anti-spyware software program. There are various free of charge programs available that may do the job.

Once you may have these applications you might want to run a scan to decide where the infection is. As soon as the infection is situated you will find a single of two factors you’ll be able to do. You can either quarantine the infection, or you can delete it totally. Deleting it could be the much more successful alternative because it ensures you dont accidently use the file once more. An important portion of operating these programs is keeping them upto-date. They ought to be updated regularly to be in a position to combat the new viruses and spyware that pop-up every day.
A boot-time scan is advised as a good course of action to get rid of your infection. Need to you continue to experience slower Pc speeds, you may try employing a virus scanner to not just scan your challenging drive, but avoid your Pc from getting far more spyware.

Typically with spyware, when you’ve got even a number of files infected, they spread like a virus and try to propogate themselves. It’s important you may have a virus scanner to not just delete old spyware, but prevent new spyware from popping up. Avast is terrific for this.

Keeping your pc 100% absolutely free from viruses and spy-ware is tricky but following the procedures above you may continue to delight in the use of your computer system.

Obtaining Most Out of Oracle 8i/9i Statspack


Oracle Dba, Statspack, Oracle 10g, Oracle Tuning, Oracle Performance

Keywords and phrases:
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Statspack is often a set of overall performance monitoring and reporting utilities offered by Oracle for Oracle8i and above. A user is automatically developed by the installation script – this user, PERFSTAT, owns all objects required by this package. For far more info about Statspack, read the documentation in file $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/spdoc.txt.

Install Statspack
To install the package, either change towards the ORACLE_HOME rdbms/admin directory, or completely specify the ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin directory when calling the installation script, SPCREATE.

To run the installation script, you should use SQL*Plus and connect as a user with SYSDBA privilege. As an example, begin SQL*Plus, then:

On UNIX : SunOS/HP UX/Linux

SQL> @?/rdbms/admin/spcreate

On Windows: XP/NT/2000/2003

SQL> @%ORACLE_HOME%rdbmsadminspcreate

The SPCREATE install script runs 3 other scripts. These scripts are named automatically, so you usually do not need to have to run them:

* SPCUSR: Creates the user and grants privileges
* SPCTAB: Creates the tables
* SPCPKG: Creates the package

Configuring Statspack

The best way to locate the existing Ststapack level?
– Run spreport.sql and you will notice it alongwith the snapids listed

STATS$SNAPSHOT will show level for every single Snapshot recorded

Alter Level
execute statspack.snap (i_snap_level=> 7, i_modify_parameter=>’true’);

Levels >= 0 General Efficiency Statistics
Levels >= 5 Further Data: SQL Statements
Levels >= 6 Further Information: SQL Plans and SQL Program Usage
Levels >= 10 Extra Statistics: Parent and Kid Latches

Applying Statspack (gathering data)

sqlplus perfstat

— Take a performance snapshot

execute statspack.snap;

— Get a list of snapshots

column snap_time format a21
select snap_id,to_char(snap_time,’MON dd, yyyy hh24:mm:ss’) snap_time
from sp$snapshot;

Running a Overall performance report

— Run the Statspack report:


Find Hard hitting SQL from Statpack Reposistory
1. Login as PERFSTAT user on database.
It will not work unless U login as PERFSTAT user.

2. Locate DBID utilizing
“select dbid from stats$sql_summary”

three. Locate MIN(SNAP_ID) pBgnSnap & MAX(SNAP_ID) pEndSnap from

choose min(snap_id),max(snap_id),min(snap_time),max(snap_time) from stats$snapshot
where to_number(to_char(snap_time,’HH24′)) > ten and to_number(to_char(snap_time,’HH24′)) < 13 and trunc(snap_time)=trunc(sysdate) Show All SQL Stmts ordered by Logical Reads select e.hash_value "E.HASH_VALUE" , e.module "Module" , e.buffer_gets - nvl(b.buffer_gets,0) "Buffer Gets" , e.executions - nvl(b.executions,0) "Executions" , Round( decode ((e.executions - nvl(b.executions, 0)), 0, to_number(NULL) , (e.buffer_gets - nvl(b.buffer_gets,0)) / (e.executions - nvl(b.executions,0))) ,3) "Gets / Execution" , Round(100*(e.buffer_gets - nvl(b.buffer_gets,0))/sp920.getGets(:pDbID,:pInstNum,:pBgnSnap,:pEndSnap,'NO'),3) "Percent of Total" , Round((e.cpu_time - nvl(b.cpu_time,0))/1000000,3) "CPU (s)" , Round((e.elapsed_time - nvl(b.elapsed_time,0))/1000000,3) "Elapsed (s)" , Round(e.fetches - nvl(b.fetches,0)) "Fetches" , sp920.getSQLText ( e.hash_value , 400) "SQL Statement" from stats$sql_summary e , stats$sql_summary b where b.snap_id(+) = :pBgnSnap and b.dbid(+) = e.dbid and b.instance_number(+) = e.instance_number and b.hash_value(+) = e.hash_value and b.address(+) = e.address and b.text_subset(+) = e.text_subset and e.snap_id = :pEndSnap and e.dbid = :pDbId and e.instance_number = :pInstNum order by 3 desc Show SQL Stmts where SQL_TEXT like '%' select e.hash_value "E.HASH_VALUE" , e.module "Module" , e.buffer_gets - nvl(b.buffer_gets,0) "Buffer Gets" , e.executions - nvl(b.executions,0) "Executions" , Round( decode ((e.executions - nvl(b.executions, 0)), 0, to_number(NULL) , (e.buffer_gets - nvl(b.buffer_gets,0)) / (e.executions - nvl(b.executions,0))) ,3) "Gets / Execution" , Round(100*(e.buffer_gets - nvl(b.buffer_gets,0))/sp920.getGets(:pDbID,:pInstNum,:pBgnSnap,:pEndSnap,'NO'),3) "Percent of Total" , Round((e.cpu_time - nvl(b.cpu_time,0))/1000000,3) "CPU (s)" , Round((e.elapsed_time - nvl(b.elapsed_time,0))/1000000,3) "Elapsed (s)" , Round(e.fetches - nvl(b.fetches,0)) "Fetches" , sp920.getSQLText ( e.hash_value , 400) "SQL Statement" from stats$sql_summary e , stats$sql_summary b where b.snap_id(+) = :pBgnSnap and b.dbid(+) = e.dbid and b.instance_number(+) = e.instance_number and b.hash_value(+) = e.hash_value and b.address(+) = e.address and b.text_subset(+) = e.text_subset and e.snap_id = :pEndSnap and e.dbid = 2863128100 and e.instance_number = :pInstNum and sp920.getSQLText ( e.hash_value , 400) like '%ZPV_DATA%' order by 3 desc How to retrieve entire SQL + Execution PLAN from Statspack for a table To retrieve SQL plan you need to have statspack working on level 7 1. sprepsql.sql The SQL report (sprepsql.sql) is a report for a specific SQL statement. The SQL report is usually run after examining the high-load SQL sections of the instance health report.The SQL report provides detailed statistics and data for a single SQL statement (as identified by the Hash Value in Statspack report). 2. Hash Value is known - Select * from STATS$SQLTEXT where hash_value='%from stats pack%' order by piece; - For an Object first locate the OBJECT_ID select * from sys.obj$ where name='TRANSACTION' select snap_time snap_id, plan_hash_value, OBJECT# , OBJECT_NAME , OPERATION , OPTIONS , COST , IO_COST , CARDINALITY , POSITION , CPU_COST , OPTIMIZER , SEARCH_COLUMNS , BYTES , DISTRIBUTION , TEMP_SPACE , ACCESS_PREDICATES , FILTER_PREDICATES from stats$SQL_PLAN a , STATS$SNAPSHOT b where object#='&&OBJECT_ID' and a.snap_id=b.snap_id; is usually a blog site of Sagar Patil, an independent oracle consultant with a great understanding of how the Oracle database engine & Oracle Applications perform together.

I am an Oracle Certified RAC DBA with over ten years experience supporting Production and Development instances of Oracle databases.
– Expert in building 10g RAC systems as well as rman, information guard backup and recovery strategies for production, test and development systems.
– Instructor for developers on Oracle architecture, Oracle9i /10g features, tuning methodologies, database replication, PL/SQL and Oracle Http Server.
– User of Statspack, SQL Trace, OEM Efficiency Manager, Quest Central, Quest Foglight, Quest SQL impact, Bennchamark factory, Quest SQL optimizer, TOAD and custom scripts.
– Writer of detailed standards & practices for Oracle installs, upgrades, tuning & backups on Oracle Databases and PL/SQL.Developer, designer and implementer of Disaster recovery backup Procedures
– Leader on major projects through all phases of development, testing and Support

I can be hired on a short term notice, to handle strategy, design, implementation, trouble-shooting, DBA cover, remote monitoring, and training.
Please visit for your oracle DBA needs.

Get Off To A Operating Commence With Microsoft Word XP

Get Off To A Operating Commence With Microsoft Word XP


Just as we were receiving comfy with our cozy, fuzzy version of MS Word, along comes Word XP. This short article explains some of its essential new capabilities and how you can make one of the most of them. Time to obtain your sneakers on and let’s get off to a running start off with Word XP.

A number of Documents
In older versions of Word, new documents took more than the entire Word window. With Word XP, each new document opens within a separate window. It really is easy to switch between documents by just choo…

Microsoft Word XP

Just as we had been receiving comfortable with our cozy, fuzzy version of MS Word, along comes Word XP. This short article explains some of its important new functions and how to make essentially the most of them. Time to get your sneakers on and let’s get off to a running start out with Word XP.

A number of Documents
In older versions of Word, new documents took over the entire Word window. With Word XP, each new document opens inside a separate window. It’s easy to switch in between documents by simply picking out a document from the list on the ‘Window’ menu. The ‘Arrange All’ command from the ‘Window’ menu conveniently lets you view all open Word documents simultaneously. It is possible to also switch which document is at present active by pressing [Alt]+[Tab].

The Word XP Activity Pane
With the XP version, Microsoft decided to adjust several of the screen layout. As an example, the Word XP process panes display on the proper hand side of your document you happen to be operating on. The alternatives that display in these panes vary depending on your most current commands. In earlier versions of Word, a great deal of these commands would have been displayed in dialog boxes.

Moving the Toolbars
If you have a preference for where a toolbar should really seem, you could very easily move it by initially clicking on the left edge of the toolbar. The mouse cursor will turn into a four-headed pointer. Then, to move the toolbar, simply drag it to exactly where you want it to seem and click to location it there.

Discovering What The Buttons On A Toolbar Do
To acquire the name of any button on a toolbar, simply hover the mouse cursor more than it. You could also bring up more specifics of what the buttons do by picking “What’s This?” from the “Help” menu. The mouse cursor will turn into a “?” symbol. Move the cursor and click on any button (or other Word object) to bring up facts on it.

Adding Buttons To A Toolbar
It is a little complicated but you may add buttons to any toolbar. Commence by selecting “Toolbars” from the “View” menu. Then pick “Customize” and bring the “Commands” tab towards the front. Next, select an item from “Categories” and an item from the list of “Commands”. Drag the command to a toolbar. This can make a brand new button. The new button will only possess a text label. The moment you’ve added the default button, suitable click on it and choose “Default Style”. The new button will develop into a plain square. Appropriate click on the new button once again but this time, pick “Change Button Image” and select an image of the selection. Finally, gasp, pant, close the “Customize” dialog box.

Thankfully, it is a little bit much easier to take away a button from a toolbar: Begin as just before by selecting “Toolbars” from the “View” menu then select the “Customize” solution. Lastly, merely drag the button you would like removed off from the toolbar.