AMD FirePro V7900 vs V5900 Professional graphics cards review

The largest industrial graphic card today launched the newest generation of graphics cards. There are the AMD FirePro V7900 and AMD FirePro V5900. Both of them created for professional who work in fields such as engineering, designer, media, etc. These new graphic cards provide more than doubles the performance of competitive offering. Beside there are flagship features include AMD Geometry Boost technology, AMD Power Tune technology and AMD Eyefinity multi-display support. Actually new for this generation of AMD FirePro products is AMD Power Tune technology. In this case this power management technology provides direct control GPU power usage. In other hand also provide applications enjoy ultimate performance with dynamic clock optimization and minimizing workstation energy usage. And about the Geometry Boost technology, it is unique hardware capability that processes two primitives per clock cycle. So as the result is incredibly fast geometry performance, ensuring smooth handling of complex models for CAD and DCC users.

The AMD FirePro V7900 provide 1280 stream processors, 256-bit memory, interface, 160GB/s bandwidth, 2GB GDDR5 memory, and four Display Port. And will sell at $812. While for the AMD FirePro V5900 features 512 stream processors, 4GB/s bandwidth, 2GB GDDR5 memory, 256-bit memory interface, 2x Display Port and 1 Dual-link DVI. And this product will sell at $500.

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