AMD Radeon HD 6750 and HD 6770

amd radeon 6700 spec sheet

AMD come back with the two series of graphic card that are AMD Radeon HD 6750 and HD 6770.  Both of them have the high performance for gaming and graphic design. Here the specification for each product, first is the AMD Radeon HD 6570; Barts PRO GPU, 40 nm processor, 725 MHZ engine clock, 280(x4) stream processor, 1.624 TFLops compute performance, 56(14×4) texture units, 40.6 GTexenVs texture filtrate, 32(8×4) ROPs, 23.2 GPixel/s  pixels filtrate, 92.8 GSamples/s  Z/Stencil, GDDR5.0 Gbps memory type, 1000 MHz memory clock, 4.0 Gbps Memory data rate, 128.0 Gb/s Memory band which, 114w maximum board power, 20w Idle Board power, and 3x2560x1600 Max Resolution.

The second specification is the AMD Radeon 6770; Barts XT GPU, 40nm Processor, 900 MHz engine clock, 320(4) stream processor, 2.304 TFLops compute performance, 64(16×4) texture units, 57.5 Gtexel/s texture filtrate, 32(8×4) ROPs, 28.8 GPixel/s pixel filtrate, 115.2 Gsmple/s Z/stencil, GDDR 5.0 Gbps memory type, 1050 MHz memory clock, 4.2 Gbps Memory data rate, 148.0 GB/s memory Band which, 140w maximum board power, 30W Idle board power, and 3x2660x1600 Max Resolution. So as the result with the two kinds series AMD graphic card offers the truly playing gaming, high speed buffering, and high performance 3D videos. Moreover when you watch blu-ray movie you will get the amazing picture and more life.

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