ASUS P8Z68 Series and ROG Motherboards Maximize Z68 specs and reviews

ASUS P8Z68 Series

Recently, Asus offers consumers a range of new motherboard based on the Intel® Z68 Express chipset. There are the ASUS P8Z68 Series and ROG Maximus IV GENE-Z motherboards all have numerous powerful features that fully exploit the performance benefits of Sandy Bridge technology without compromise which packing more features and new innovations onto the Z68 platform while maintaining unmitigated performance and reliability.

ROG Motherboards Maximize Z68

In this case Asus is the only motherboard manufacturer able to integrate diverse new technologies in tandem on its Z68-based motherboards on launch and these include the universal implementation of LucidLogix Virtu™ switchable graphics to harness the capabilities of Intel® Quick Sync Video for faster video transcending and the extreme performance of the latest NVIDIA® and AMD graphics cards. Beside that it along with Intel® Smart Response Technology to accelerate hard drives performance and reduces energy consumption. Not only that, there are also support new features such as full support for faster video transcending and switchable graphics, it is means All ASUS Z68-based motherboards are natively designed to support the LucidLogix Virtu™ graphics virtualization engine that works in conjunction with Intel® Quick Sync Video to deliver up to three times faster and smoother video transcoding and playback. Another feature is segment leading digital power delivery and all new BIOS. It is deliver a ramped-up range of proprietary technologies. DIGI+ VRM set a new standard for digital power control at its debut, where it replaced analog power control with the most precise tuning available to PC users. But about the prices there is no explanation from Asus.

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