Beautiful Packard Bell Maestro 230 LED Monitor

Packard Bell announces the new products LED monitor. It will be coming in April 2011. This product called Packard Bell Maestro 230 LED Monitor. The new Packard bell maestro 230 LED monitor has the great viewing with the asymmetrical stand. Beside that has bundle with the high end specifications. It has 23-inch wide-screen display. The features 5ms response time and has dynamic contrast ratio 12,000,000:1 (1,250cd/m2 brightness). Not only that, it is bring DVI, D-sub, and in addition includes impressive features.

Here we will give you specification about Packard Bell maestro 230 LED monitor which give you something new experienced about LED monitor. The specs of Packard Bell maestro 230 LED monitor is has 23 inch LED widescreen display panel. The screen resolution of native is 1920 x 1080 pixels. This monitor has sexy look and luxurious. It is also just low consume energy and safe you money. More over if you often watch movie and playing game it is suitable for you because just has low radiation so it is not dangerous for your eyes health. Someday that is announces for public we will give information how to get it.  And about the prices of Packard Bell Maestro 230 LED Monitor is €199.

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