Computex Introduces OCZ RevoDrive hybrid HDD/SSD PCIe SSD

We all of know that computex is still a week away but tech companies have already started the preparation and it has come to light that OCZ is all set to launch its first hybrid drive during Computex 2011 show. In this case OCZ will demonstrate that first hybrid HDD/SSD PCIe SSD from the RevoDrive family. There is utilizes a large high speed NAND flash cache coupled with high density rotational media which can deliver maximized performance to density ratios for workstation usage. This innovation also can answer all of problem about the storage media for computer usage. Beside that we can use this storage media for saving our data safely, so those don’t be afraid because your data never lose again.

Unfortunately, OCZ didn’t give any information about this product and it seems this could be a really nice product. In other hand users can make use of the hybrid drive to increase performance of the system.  Beside that hope OCZ keeps pricing within the reach of most people.  But don’t worries about that, according OCZ will give more information in next week, so I think stay tuned for more. In we will always give the newest information about this product.

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