Crucial Introduces 16 GB DDR3-1066 MHz memory card with very low profile RDIMM

Recently Crucial technology launched their new 16GB DDR3-1066MHz Very Low Profile (VLP) RDIMM memory modules and it is commonly used in blade servers and to run memory intensive applications such as server virtualization.  This new memory designed with a PCB height of only 18.75mm and the VLP form factor is designed to reduce the space taken by memory and it allow for greater airflow through the body of the server. In other hand it is assisting in the reduction of thermal power consumption and ultimately contributing to reduced cooling costs. In addition the new 16GB density enables data center managers to increase total memory density per server and improve overall system performance.

In this case the crucial 16GB DDR3-1066MHz VLP RDIMM memory modules are RoHS compliant and halogen-free. Beside that the VLP RDIMM modules are also available in 4GB or 8GB densities and as well as kits ranging from 8GB to 64GB. About the performance from the Crucial it can provide the amazing performance than ever and it will become the fastest memory than ever with very low profile RDIMM memory module. According to Crucial this new memory will sell at $725 and if you want to know more information this memory you can check at their website.

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