Database Deployment: Synchronizing Database Structures


Manually synchronizing new revisions of database structures with an currently operating program could be a nightmare. Study regarding the tools you have to easily synchronize database structures.

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Creating and deploying a brand new database is under no circumstances straightforward. Manually synchronizing new revisions of database structures with an currently operating system can become a nightmare. In case your assignment contains modifications to the structure of an current database, your choices of performing the job with out disrupting the workflow are restricted. Read this article and study concerning the tools you will have to synchronize database structures much simpler than ever ahead of.

The Clear Way

The simplest and most clear way of synchronizing two databases would be by deleting the old database and creating new structures on leading of it. For those who back up the data just before deleting the old database, and restore it from the backup following you happen to be completed updating the structures, you may just get away with it. On the other hand, this method is unacceptable in lots of environments because it disrupts the workflow and does not give reasonable security.

The Low-cost Way

Coding a set of SQL statements and running the script on the client side is really a far better thought, but nonetheless has many weaknesses as it consumes a developer’s time on routine operations, and opens the possibility for errors. In case you are upgrading a database to a brand new version, you’d must apply all intermediate patches, introducing a whole lot extra possibilities for one thing to go wrong.

The Straightforward Way

Thinking logically, one can obtain a specialized synchronization tool, install it on the developer side as well as distribute it amongst the customers. This does permit a particular time-saving, but the technique is expensive and usually calls for paying for client-side licenses.

The best Way

For those who do not want to code all the updates manually, and do not would like to distribute third-party computer software to carry out updates with your application, take into account implementing the needed update functionality into your own application. The built-in functionality will deal with structural updates and database upgrades directly from inside your application.

Database Restyle – Library by Perpetuum Software LLC ( automates the complicated course of action of database synchronization as much as you possibly can without the drawbacks connected with most third-party solutions. Database Restyle builds directly into your application, eliminating the have to run external applications or distribute separate solutions for your clients.

Database Restyle performs the most complicated updates of database structures, enabling both fully-automated and manually-controlled operation. Database Restyle is usually made use of in a wide wide variety of circumstances. It can sync the two databases, nevertheless it is just not limited to just that. Database Restyle performs with other entities beside databases, for example small business objects, and supports the Linq To Sql model.

An intuitive visual atmosphere allows Database Restyle to take snapshots of database structures, too as analyze, compare and synchronize databases. Operating Database Restyle as a wizard enables database developers and administrators to solve typical tasks without coding by just clicking the mouse. Complete command line assistance allows you to take snapshots and update databases from the command line.

Database Restyle – Library builds directly into your application, releasing you from any obligations and concerns concerning the code. Applying Database Restyle will not demand any further licensing fees, enabling you to save on client licenses.

Handle database synchronization and updates within the appropriate way. The free evaluation version of Database Restyle – Library is offered at: