Easy methods to Fix the “CPU Enthusiast Error” Message In

Easy methods to Fix the “CPU Enthusiast Error” Message In your ASUS Motherboard

There are actually many people that have encountered an issue with their ASUS motherboard. The trouble entails the consumer becoming greeted having a “CPU Fan Error” message because they turn their laptop or computer on and are prompted to hit the F1 button to carry on. The motherboards by ASUS which have this problem are the 945GC, M2N-MX along with a couple of others. The trigger of this challenge is because of the motherboards inability to detect the rpm with the processors enthusiast.

If you take place to have this motherboard and therefore are encountering this challenge, there are actually many points that you can do to remedy this problem:

Wrong Enthusiast Connection

The vast majority of motherboards developed currently come with individual fan ports for your method, video card and CPU, in case the consumer puts the CPU fan’s connector into the incorrect port, then the motherboard will have no means of detecting the right enthusiast for your proper unit.

Pace of Enthusiast Is Too Slow

In case your motherboard is really outdated or has picked up a whole lot of dust particles more than the many years, then there is a powerful chance that this could be inhibiting the speed of one’s CPUs fan. This really is generally the outcome of utilizing your system for lengthy periods of time. In order to resolve this predicament, you’ll have to place some transformer oil around the fan of the CPU in order to clean it.

The Fan Isn’t Spinning

This is in most cases simply because the motor or sensor inside your enthusiast is broken, the only correct here is to go out and purchase a brand new one.

Incorrect BIOS settings

In case your problem nevertheless persists following utilising all of the previously mentioned solutions, then it is possible to attempt getting into your BIOS, looking for the configurations on Fan Speed, after which changing the setting to Disabled or Disregard.