Gigabyte GS-AH6G3N business notebook specs and review

GIGABYTE GS-AH6G3N Business Notebook

Gigabyte comes with their latest notebook product called the GS-AH6G3N Business Notebook. It is already powered the new LGA 1155 Intel® platform for mobile products and offers with the most powerful and efficient processor and chipset for a reliable and durable business notebook. About the designed it design for professional end users and this products all the most important features required by a utilization in a business environment. Actually this notebook is a very versatile business notebook and adds with the highest standard of performance and quality from GIGABYTE. In this case this notebook offers the best business features such as 7 hours battery life and can be extended to 10 hours with a second battery docked in the swappable ODD bay (this bay can also dock a second HDD), and a 1.3Mpx webcam and a digital microphone for the best audio and video quality.

The GS-AH6G3N Business Notebook already use Sandy bridge Micro architecture which supports Intels new 32nm micro architecture and the LGA 1155 socket and it allowing our product to operate with the new Intel® Core™ processor family. About the system memory this notebook includes two SO-DIMM connectors supporting DDR3 memory for a maximum of 8GB. Not only that, it also includes two USB 3.0 ports which enabling superfast transfer rates of up to 5Gbs.

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