Gigabyte release ECO500 gaming mouse

Gigabyte proudly updated the mouse family product with a new device that is the Gigabyte ECO500. It is became the one specially designed for gamers and sports a stylish design. The interesting thing about this wireless mouse is that it boasts of to 12 months batter life, so you can stay connected with your device. Beside that this wireless mouse also has several features such On-the-fly DPI Switch- 1600/ 800 DPI adjustable which can adaptation with the your device, providing 3000 frames per second, 125 reports per second report rate, 5 programmable buttons with GIGABYTE sim software, High-precision Laser tracking system, Stylish design and comfortable grip, and reliable 2.4GHz Wireless connection.

Through this wireless mouse, you will get new experience playing game with low consumption energy but it can conduct super high performance, more reliable, comfortable, and super faster. Moreover though 5 programmable buttons with GIGABYTE sim software it can give you enjoyable control for playing game. Unfortunately, there is no explanation about the price and availability. But we will help you about that, we will give information about this wireless mouse from gigabyte if this product already on the market or maybe you can visit in their visit is that at the

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