Huawei release first Android 3.2 tablet come in a convenient 7 inch size

On the computer market that the last 7” tablet that crossed our radar was unable to play nicely with Android Honeycomb, so that Huawei seems to think that they have what it takes to overcome any Android 3.x compatibility issues on their 7 inch slate. Announced by the Huawei at the communication 2011 conference in Singapore Monday and the new Huawei MediaPad will be the first tablet to come with Android 3.2 and will come in a convenient 7 inch size.  In other hand the Huawei was only recently that Android 3.1 was announced and released to certain tablets, and then Huawei has decided to skip that milestone and outfit their new MediaPad with Android Honeycomb 3.2.

Actually the Media Pad will be powered by a 1.2GHz Qualcomm dual-core processor and is only 10.5mm thick while weighing around 390g. Moreover, this MediaPad has tablet display is an IPS panel similar to the iPad 2 and features 217 pixels per inch compared to the iPad’s 132ppi. It is also equipped with Flash 10.3, HDMI, HSPA+, and a pair of front and rear facing cameras. Through Android 3.2 is definitely a plus for Huawei’s MediaPad and the included hardware is certainly nothing to scoff at. According the Huawei said that this product will available this September.

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