Intel introduces Intel Core i7-2637M, 2677M and Core i5-2557M ULV Chipsets Processors

At this few time Intel introduces their latest Sandy Bridge Ultra Low Voltage chipsets should be available to manufacturers this month. This includes the Intel Core i7-2637M, Core i7-2677M and core i5-2557M processor. In this case, the three kinds of processor were leaked last month and it was right on the spot with regards to speeds, number of threads, TDP, and graphics power. Through these 32nm ULV CPUs are designed for ultrathin laptops, and there are heavy expectations that the 2011 Mac Book Air refresh would include these new Sandy Bridge processors. When it compared to the currently outdated 1.4GHz SU9400 and 1.6GHz SU9600 Core 2 Duo processors in the current MBA lineup and the ULV Sandy Bridge chips would be much needed upgrades to the ultrathin notebooks.

According to resource that the upcoming Asus UX21 will reportedly y be using one of the new Sandy Bridge ULV CPUs when it ships this September. But about the specifications and features for every kind this processor there is no explanation from Intel.  For the prices Intel already gives explanation that the Core i5-2557 M will sell at $250, the Intel Core i7-2637M will sell at $289, and the Intel Core i7-2677M will sell at $317. And all of these products began shipment on June 19.

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