In June MSI release three 10.1-inch touch screen tablets

The biggest PC maker Micro-Star International (MSI) announces on Thursday it would target business users with the release of three new 10.1-inch touch screen tablet PCs on June 1, that one with Google’s Android Honeycomb OS and two with Windows 7. For the Wind Pad tablet which running on Android Honeycomb powered by Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and for the tablet running windows 7 powered by AMD’s Brazos processor plus a display-enhancing chipset. And for the third with windows 7 operating system powered by an Intel Atom processor for handhelds. About the prices the Android will go on sale for US399 and the Windows 7 Wind Pad with Intel processor will go on sale for $549. But MSI does not set about the prices for the windows 7 with the AMD processor, and the said that maybe the prices it will likely be between the prices of the others two Wind Pads.

In this case the Android Wind Pad is become the first Honeycomb tablets to cost less than an iPad. Beside that all of these products will equip with WiFi as the network connectivity. Moreover all models come with accelerometers to detect the orientation of the device and you can rotate images on the screen depending on how it’s being held, it is like an auto light sensor to adjust screen brightness to better matches the user’s lighting situation.

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