LaCie d2 external Blu-ray drive 301906U 12x speed

LaCie d2 external Blu-ray drive 301906U 12x speed

The biggest industrial computer LaCie introduces new innovation of blu-ray and they combine design and technology to create the highest-performing external USB Blu-ray drive available. The LaCie d2 Blu ray offer several features set are that FireWire and USB 2.0 interfaces and it is become one of the most well-known and frequently-used ports on computing devices. Not only that this product also provide for r the high transfer of data thorough several ports are provided to make this transfer happen. According LaCie this product comes with a bundled software package and which includes Roxio Easy media Creator 10, Toast 10 Titanium with HD/BD plug-in. Others features is offers the ability to burn documents, raw video shoots and multiple files onto a disc without any hassle.

About the performance the LaCie d2 Blu ray offer Blu-ray reads at a speed of 8x and writes at a speed of 12X, beside that also offers A DVD reads and writes at a speed of 16X while CDs read and write with a speed of 40x. And about the technical support the LaCie d2 Blu ray provides solid technical support that we were pleased with. Moreover you can Contact information for troubleshooting help was easy to find on the site along with the ability to receive downloads and a quick installation guide.

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