Lenovo Launched Think Station E30 Workstation & Think Centre M81 Desktop for Business Professionals

Yesterday Lenovo launched two series of desktop Pc for professional and business user. There are the Think Station E30 workstation and Think Centre M81 desktop,they will be available on may 2011. Both of them bring users’ speedy performance with 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors, beside that those can rapid boot up/shut down and extra productivity features. In this case Lenovo provide creative design desktop pc, that can engineering and financial professionals who rely on specialized software applications to power their work. According Lenovo that users get workstation-class performance and reliability starting at an affordable $599. The first product called Think Centre M81 desktop equips large businesses with the advanced computing features employees need to be most productive, so it can fulfill workstation users need the kind of performance that lets them do more each minute. And this pc series already equipped with Intel® Turbo Boost™ technology to over clock on performance-laden tasks.

For the second desktop pc called The Think Station E30 workstation, its builds on our strong workstation platform, combining new rapid processing for data and crunching with more vivid and intense graphics capabilities. Moreover the Think Station E30 workstation offers extremely powerful processing on software and certified solution at desktop prices. Not only that this desktop pc offers two choices of choices of 80 or 160 GB SSD for snappy performance opening, saving/closing files, and rendering.

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