MSI unveils the N560GTX Twin Frozr II Series Graphics Card and the perfect balance of cooling and noise

N560GTX Twin Frozr II Series Graphics Card

Taipei Taiwan MSI, the globally renowned graphics card and motherboard manufacturer and today they launched the newest member of its critically acclaimed Twin Frozr II family of graphics cards. Through the latest generation NVIDIA GeForce GTX560 graphics core and there is 1GB GDDR5 high speed memory, beside that the N560GTX Twin Frozr II graphics card features the latest generation of high-end Military Class II Components and it provide provides gamers with the most outstanding quality and stability available on the market. In other side we thanks to MSI afterburner over clocking utility’s core over-voltage function, the over clocking potential of this graphics card can be fully unleashed and even more impressive is the fact that the MSI N560GTX TwinFrozr II features the award-winning Twin Frozr II cooling design with large 8CM dual PWM fans. Moreover there is Super Pipe technology and a nickel-plated copper base design. In this case even when running at full load, the core temperatures still remain under 70℃ and noise level is controlled at 30dB and the ultimate balance between cooling and noise along with extreme performance.

This new product graphics card become the Perfect Balance of Cooling and Noise –The Twin Frozr II Thermal Design, A Major Leap in Over clocking Potential – the Afterburner Over-Voltage Function, and The Stability and Durability of High Quality – Strict Selection of Military Class II Components.

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