No noisy using Dark Rock Pro CPU Cooler

Dark Rock Pro CPU cooler

Dark rock Pro CPU cooler is the great CPU cooler. It is design for the any kinds of CPU. Moreover the Rock Dark Pro CPU of silence! is a very powerful CPU Cooler for Socket 754, 775, 939, 940, AM2, AM2 +, AM3, 1155, 1156 and 1366 he could handle the heat the CPU up to 220 watts and even relatively quiet through the wings of two silent fan. Here, the fans, operating at 900 revolutions per minute and depending on the required cooling capacity, even with only 12 dB (A) at 19.8 dB (A) at 1250 revolutions per minute.

Dark rock Pro CPU cooler was created by a company from German and using no noisy technology. It has result high performance cooler which include two aluminum fin towers. Beside that it has seven direct-touch copper heat pipes and also two 120mm Silent wings PWM fans which result operate at up to 1700 RPM. It suitable for your pc even though your pc use for a long time your pc will keep cool. So don’t be afraid you pc will never overheating. The Dark Rock Pro has price about $108 or around 78.90 Euro. It is very cheap if the compare with the result performance from this product.

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