NVIDIA launched GeForce GTX 560 Ti

Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti

Nvidia is a very famous company which produces graphics card. After they accompany with AMD’s 5800 series and they got failure start with the GeForce GTX480 launch. Finally they have been launching GeForce GTX580. It is amazing graphic card. Moreover today Nvidia launch their new products called GeForce GTX560 Ti.  Nvidia GeForce GTX560 Ti launch with the mid-range market to equal AMD’s 6800 series. This graphic card has Nvidia GPU Titanium, and development from GeForce GTX460. It has function as the alternative graphic card, little faster, and the price a little expensive. GTX 560 Ti actually looks like Nvidia 500 series graphic card before. GeForce GTX560 Ti Graphic card includes DVI-port, mini-HDMI port, and also build with the Fermi architecture which use transistor-level tweaks to increase performance, and also to improve power consumption.

The GTX 560 Ti design similar with the graphic cards from AMD 6800 series. Such as Radeon HD 6850 which has prices $ 180 and Radeon HD 6870 which has prices $219. This graphic suitable for computer gaming. It has been tested and GTX 560 has better performance than another graphic card in mid-range.

And the result performance for Synthetic Benchmarks it has keeps lead 25 % compare with AMD Radoen HD 6870 and Radeon HD 6850.

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