Panasonic released android tablet for business class

Panasonic comes with a slate tablet for enterprise market. Dubbed as the tough book that the machine is based on Android operating system and it is providing a 10.1-inch multi-touch sunlight-readable display. Moreover it also will include an integrated active stylus to enable signature capture in the field. In this case this tablet pc as it is launched under Tough book brand and expects the tablet to be very rugged. Panasonic said that the Tough book tablet is designed to meet durability certifications and ingress protection ratings consistent with other Tough book fully-rugged devices as it incorporates the design and capabilities that are ideal for mobile professionals, such as construction and route sales, health workers, and other field service workers.


There are several features from the new Panasonic tablet PC, which are satellite-based GPS, professional-grade accessories, full-shift battery life, and optional embedded 3G/4G mobile broadband connectivity. I think this tablet pc suitable with the people which always mobile, or the people which like travelling and they can use GPS as the guideline when they traveling. Not only that, we can also conduct the fastest broadband connection thorough 3G/4G mobile broadband.  But Panasonic don’t give explanation about the specification, pricing and availability. But don’t worry about it because we will give information about this product when this product released on the market.

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