Passive RFID Tags, Precision Coils and Magnetics


Syrma Technology Pvt. Ltd. is among the nicely recognized electronics manufacturing organization, which manufactures high quality RFID Passive Tags, Precision Coils and Magnetics for many industrial applications. Located at Chennai, India.

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29th November 06


RFID is nothing but the Radio Frequency Identification technology, which combine the chips that carry descriptive information about items with radio technology. RFID uses radio frequency waves to transfer data amongst reader/scanner as well as a movable item to identify, track or find it.

Now days, RFID has turn out to be increasingly well-known inside the Usa, Europe and a lot of developing nations like Canada, Japan, China, Australia, India, etc. It helps to integrate small business processes in an actual retail atmosphere and to become much more effective.

Numerous organizations are aggressively adopting RFID technology for managing the security, access control, logistics at the same time as actual time facts access and update with tags, sensors, readers and state with the art small business application systems.

Syrma Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is amongst the well-known electronics manufacturing firm, which manufactures quality RFID Passive Tags, Precision Coils and Magnetics for various industrial applications. Situated at Chennai, India.

Syrma has been supplying coils, Magnetics and RFID to top OEM’s from across the world. With manufacturing plants all through South Asia as well as the rising demand of outsourcing from OEM’s, Syrma has a competitive advantage by offering low expense top quality merchandise.

Syrmatech manufacture the RFID Tags in many formats like Labels, Cards, Epoxy, Potted, Glass Tags and so on The RFID passive Tags locate application in asset tracking, inventory manage, animal identification, access handle or any other identification or tracking application. Syrma manufactures numerous RFID Goods like Transponders, ISO Cards, Tags, Wristbands, Inlets, Clamshell Cards and Essential Fobs.

Syrma presents Magnetic Elements for Telecom, Power, Lighting or any other application. Syrmatech manufacture custom developed Magnetics which locate application in Lighting, Household Appliances, Computers, Communication, Defense, Automotive and Consumer Electronics, and so forth

Ultimately the good results of RFID technologies depends largely on its integration with current business enterprise applications and enterprise options.

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