PCIe storage RamSan-70 called 900 GB Gorilla

Today the RamSan-70 delivers a complete PCIe storage system on a half-length PCIe card. It can minimize latency between processors and storage, and is easily installed in minutes. It is like SSD which can delivers up to 900 GB of usable Flash or 1280 GB raw. In this case the 450 GB on the main card plus 450 GB on the optional mezzanine card make it the highest capacity Single Level Cell (SLC)-based PCIe Flash card on the market. In other hand SLC Flash ensures the greatest possible performance and reliability, but unlike the consumer-grade Multi Level Cell (MLC) Flash some competitors use in their storage systems. Beside that the RamSan-70 also incorporates 17% over provisioned Flash capacity for write acceleration and two levels of data protection such as ECC and RAID.  In other hand the Ramsan-70 offers unparalleled sustained performance, delivering 330,000 random read IOPS and also with its fast PCIe connection. So that Ramsan-70 has a direct connection to main memory that eliminates additional costs related to disk controllers, disk chassis, and disk cables.

The Ramsan-70 is equipped with onboard CPU, includes 450 GB of Flash storage, uses SLC NAND Flash as its storage medium, easy to install and easy to manage, each Flash chip incorporates an ECC data field within the chip for initial checking, and it was designed from the chip up with the enterprise in mind. Beside that it include Texas Memory System’s proprietary wear-leveling technology and RamSan Series-7 is the 7th generation of the RamSan product family.

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