Performance of Intel HD graphics 3000

Intel HD graphics 3000

Intel introduces new graphics design it is quite a different beast from its previous efforts. This Intel HD graphics 3000 which has monolithic chip design with the graphics and CPU portions on the same silicon, it is like a brand new internal ring bus which enabling the graphics core to share a portion of the CPU’s ultra low latency L3 cache. Moreover it has far more memory bandwidth which can faster direct CPU access, then lost the antique front side bus. In other hand Clarkdale had a limited which fixed front side bus system between the CPU cores and the separate die containing the graphics, memory and PCI-E controllers. Most important thing it has core frequency of Sandy Bridge’s graphics system is higher than ever at 850MHz.Beside that you can use Turbo Boost to push this up to 1,100MHz on the Core i5-2500K, and 1,350MHz on the Core i7-2600K.

The Intel HD graphics 3000 support Direct X 10.1, support for Display Port and DVI too which is update to the dual-link standard. Not only that, also HDMI support has been updated to 1.4a as well. It can support for 120Hz 3D Blu-ray movies on top of all the features from previous HDMI standard, including picture-in-picture, bit-streaming audio and dual audio streams, 24Hz support and the usual ClearVideoHD de-interlacing.

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