Pro IV USB 3.0 Express Card SSD Unveiled from Run Core

runcore pro iv ssd drive

Data storage media is a very important component for users of computers. Other than that they are expecting a fast connection for data transmission. Therefore Run Core introduced new unique product called Pro IV USB 3.0 Express Card SSD Unveiled. This product has made from combination between solid state drive and USB 3.0 port as the connector. It can connect each other’s between USB port and Express Card/34 slot. When we use as SSD it will provide 64 GB storage. Read speed until 100MB/s and for write speed until 80 MB/s, beside that this drive also provide two USB 3.0 ports when you have to connect Express Card slot.

More interesting this product can be used as standalone SSD as well at external method. Simply you just connect with cable thorough USB port to both machine and the transferring data will be begin. For example when you have data in big size you can copy directly using SSD and wait for a few minutes and then you will get data. This drive is suitable for you which like mobile data, because it has big capacities. The shape is very simple and it is will comfort to bring any ware, any time, and every time as you want.

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