The morning immediately after the evening ahead of , Nicole Scherzinger heads to Amy Childs salon in Essex


Getting been out two nights on the trot ( first &nbspat the Pride of Britain Awards&nbspthen the&nbspCosmopolitan Ultimate Woman of the year do) we can recognize why Nicole Scherzinger would want some pampering, although really why she necessary to schlep down to Amy Childs&rsquo salon in Essex to do that is beyond us.

But hark, what&rsquos this? Ah yes, Rylan Clark is by her side &ndash we had a feeling this fresh hell had a thing to do with him. He&rsquos taken his mentor back to his hometown to meet his pal Amy, who just so takes place to be undertaking a promo day in shop. How hassle-free.

It goes without having saying that Rylan is thoroughly enjoying his time in the limelight at the moment, however he doesn&rsquot think his success on X Factor will last. Actually, even he knows that if he wins the show the apocalypse will most likely soon adhere to.

Speaking at the Cosmo awards yesterday he said :

“I do not reckon I can win in the slightest. If I were to win this society would sink below water – but weirder factors have happened.&rdquo

Yes they have. We&rsquore struggling to feel what, but they have.

Photos : FameFlynet

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