The Toshiba NB100 – Does the Toshiba Mini Laptop Certainly

The Toshiba NB100 – Does the Toshiba Mini Laptop Certainly “Lead Innovation?”

The first Toshiba mini laptop is fairly predictable on the entire. The Toshiba NB100 includes a glossy 8.9 inch display with 1024×600 resolution, comes with a option of XP or Linux Ubuntu, functions a webcam, microphone, wifi, bluetooth (no 3G as yet), up to 120GB hard disc drive and certainly an Intel Atom processor.

So possibly Toshiba have recognized what a netbook is, but what is the differential? Toshiba, have already an outstanding line of laptops, such as the Toshiba Portg R500-10U and therefore are keen to keep its brand and construct top quality with each other hand in hand. That’s why, Toshiba declare, consumers will purchase the NB100 – due to the fact it is a toshiba mini laptop.

The NB100 begins at about 259; this really is for the down-rated Linux product which has only an 80GB hard drive and 512MB of memory. The Windows XP model will price nearer 299, but has a 120GB hard generate and a whole 1GB of RAM. The XP model does in this particular situation appear greater worth for funds.

Aesthetically it’s a little of the mess. The lid seems like it’s been caught on from a different mini laptop, so the lines do not match up. You’ll find no tapered edges, so the entire factor seems like a box, not helping the lid problem. And with these “rough edges”, it does seem to become extra vulnerable to harm. As for that hideous battery sticking out with the back – Toshiba claim that it assists with grip, it appears to become a liability. The saving grace might nicely be the choice of 3 colours.

The battery alone, a 4-cell 5200mAh Toshiba say will tap three along with a half hrs of battery daily life. This really is fairly bad in comparison with all the latest offerings from Asus, but about the whole a pretty common figure amongst mini laptops. The selection to go for a nine inch netbook has reaped its rewards within the method of excess weight – it is a fantastically lean 0.99kg – that’s the quantity Toshiba has arrive up with anyway.

The keyboard is surprising significant, maybe assisted from the battery extending out the back, so to not compromise on keyboard size like about the Dell Inspiron Mini nine. The keyboard does also extend all the approach to the edges like the Dell and has no missing keys such as the Dell. Elsewhere around the interface, the touchpad is again, of reasonable dimensions – keep in mind it can be only in regards to the dimension of the hardback book. The left mouse button is a bit lengthier than the correct, presumably to reflect the quantity one will get used a lot more compared to other. Beneath the touchpad are the indicator lights, very functional.

On the entire, the Toshiba NB100 is not too dissimilar to every other nine inch mini laptop already offered. Maybe this is a level in its favour; how comfy are you currently getting from relative unheard-ofs or from a massive brand like Toshiba? None the less, it is uglier and somewhat underpowered in contrast with all the industry leaders. So whilst Toshiba is definitely an established laptop make, it’s hardly front with the pack with netbooks – that goes fingers right down to Asus. Toshiba’s slogan, “leading innovation” could hardly be much more inappropriate…

So could you do better? Sure, the Eee Pc 901 – our #1 mini laptop we’d nonetheless recommend over the Toshiba, and maybe the Acer Aspire One. but if you want a straightforward, familiar brand name identify, ideally with XP then the Toshiba NB100 is for you personally.